Gun Confiscation Reference September 2019

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The left has destroyed their cause by jumping the gun and demanding confiscation. Part I

The true implications of the left admitting the obvious, that it was always about gun confiscation

Over the weekend, Robert Francis O’Rouke went full authoritarian, promising that if elected, he will demand the surrender of arbitrarily designated firearms to the government.  Front runner Joe Biden called for a ban on ALL magazines.
Most people realize this is a demand for the confiscation of virtually every gun in common use. Their crossing the Rubicon in admitting the ever-present truth means that every gun owner is in the cross hairs of our betters in the national socialist left. As Dinesh D’Souza stated to Fox News’s Laura Ingraham Tuesday night: Gun Confiscators Are ‘Coming Out of the Closet’ in ‘All-Out Assault’ on 2nd Amendment. They have now decided you are no longer worthy of having the means to defend yourself.

The left is now demanding the complete surrender of a right that is inalienable

Time was, the left at least pretended that they wanted ‘compromise’, never mind that these all led to their ultimate goal. They’ve now made it clear that this was but a ruse to set things up for their final solution to the liberty problem. They have gone from pretending to want ‘compromise’ to demanding complete and unconditional surrender. Not to mention that leftists have spent decades lying and bargaining in bad faith.
It has always been a one-way street with the liberty grabber left; their idea of ‘compromise’ is that we patriots of the pro-liberty right give up more of our freedom while they give up nothing. Then the next time around they demand even more, while they ignore past ‘compromises’ and the incredible number of national, state and local laws and regulations on guns.

We don’t have to surrender our inalienable rights due to a number of tragedies

Leftists have the misguided notion that somehow we have to forfeit our basic human rights because of the insane acts of criminals. That each one has an accumulative effect and that an arbitrary number equates to our surrendering a certain amount of our Liberty. With a number of tragedies over a short time period, meaning that we have to surrender the lot.
The problem for them is that inalienable rights do not function in this way. We are all saddened by these tragedies and have a number of ideas to stop them without the need to infringe on our Liberty. However, to be blunt about the subject, we don’t have to surrender part or all of our Liberty dependent on the arbitrary calculus of the Authoritarian Socialist Left. Never mind that there is no set definition for the term ‘mass shooting’ and that the numbers they conjure up on the subject are meaningless.

The old and ridiculous lie that ‘no one is talking gun confiscation’

It used to be that the Left would talk about ‘common sense’ gun safety control reform or some other inane phraseology while parroting the ‘no one is talking gun confiscation’ lie. They could keep up the false pretense than they were moderate on the issue, that they only wanted small incremental steps.
Maintaining the ‘no one is talking gun confiscation’ lie meant that they could accuse anyone who pointed out those steps as leading to confiscation of being ‘paranoid’ and trafficking in conspiracy theories. They of course knew they were lying through their teeth, but they’ve convinced themselves that they are ‘protecting the children’ and all that rot. Thus, they rationalized that lying on the subject was perfectly acceptable.
The liberty grabber left still persists in using these tired old tropes, but now with presidential candidates calling for confiscation along with the long lists these same demands from other leftists. They can no longer fall back on one of their cherished and most sacred of lies.

The reality that the Democrats are the party of gun confiscation

As we have documented many times, the left has been demanding gun confiscation the past few years. But now recent events have seen them come out of the authoritarian closet with demands to control every aspect of our lives and this isn’t a good look for anyone.
They now have to deal with the video of backbencher Robert Francis O’Rouke demanding gun confiscation. They now have to deal with the video of frontrunner Joe Biden demanding the banning of almost every gun. They can try to deny this once again, but everyone is taking notice and it is changing the game.
In part II we will examine the full implications in the national socialist left coming out of the authoritarian closet.
Originally published on the NOQ Report


Collectivist contradictions are causing the Left to lose the plot

As the Left’s socialist national agenda verges further into authoritarianism it’s inconsistencies will tear it apart.

It’s one of the staples of any science fiction story whenever some overarching automated system that needs to be brought down. The good guys will introduce some sort of contradictory programming to the system and it will rip itself apart in trying to deal with it’s contradictory nature.
Illustrated quite nicely by the end of this short FreedomToons.
There are all too many examples, but two stand out at the moment. One about a report on Newsbusters that New York’s preferred bird cage liner is actually verging on the supposition that guns are somehow anthropomorphic: NYT Front Treats Guns as Killers, Ignores Real Ones: Gun ‘Started Wreaking Havoc in Jamaica’  While the tools to track the true causes of crime: people [go figure] are being criticized by the same national socialist media: Chicago police unveil controversial new tool to track gun suspects. Consider the implications of these two stories, the national socialist media is verging on blaming inanimate objects for crime, while trying to absolve those who are truly responsible.
The national socialist Left is verging into an ever-increasing series of philosophical contradictions that are causing them to lose the plot. Contradictions such as using taxes to discourage activities while pretending these same tax policies won’t hinder the economy.

Liberty control disempowers the people

The word from the socialist-left is supposedly all in favor of ‘democracy’, power to the people or a ‘dictatorship of the Proletariat’ and all that pabulum. Except in practice they do the opposite, with no better example than Liberty [gun] Control. In essence, this scheme seeks to deprive the people of their means of self-defense, empowering criminals and the government.

Promising the moon without a care about how to pay for it

The Heritage Foundation recently produced a report that echoes many in that as it is typical of the socialist-left, they have a tendency towards grandiose promises that can never be fulfilled. Promises that don’t even have a toehold in neighborhood of reality. The summary of the report entitled: It Is Arithmetically Impossible to Fund the Progressive Agenda by Taxing the Rich lays it out in stark terms:
It is arithmetically impossible to pay for progressive promises by “taxing the rich.” Progressive promises are too expensive—and the amount of income earned by the rich is too small. Even using lower cost estimates, confiscating every dollar earned by every taxpayer with incomes of $200,000 or more would only pay for about half of the progressive agenda. And that figure is based on the false assumption that people would continue to work, save, and invest when subject to a 100 percent flat tax. The reality is that progressive promises can only be funded by increasing taxes on the middle class from three to 10 times their current level or, for a limited time, by dramatic and unsustainable increases in federal borrowing.
Meanwhile they have not a care in how to pay for all of it, aside from insanity of MMT – Modern Monetary Theory, discussed at length herehere and in particular in this article from the Foundation of Economic Education [FEE] entitled: Modern Monetary Theory Is a Recipe for Hyperinflation
Even if politicians could perfectly plan the economy, humans would still respond to natural incentives, making MMT an impossible economic scheme.

The purveyors of ‘scientific’ socialism

Recall that our friends on the national socialist left pride themselves as being ‘scientific’ and yet they are pushing a base ideology that is equivalent to a ‘flat earth’ economic theory. One that is economically impossible as is a flat earth being physically impossible, they have a record of over 100 million dead to prove the point.
Perhaps it is unfair to compare socialists to ‘flat earthers’. After all the later are relatively harmless aside from intense debate on some conspiracy theories. Socialism [or its many aliases] by contrast, has been responsible for over 100 million deaths and untold misery. But they both have a lot in common from a logic standpoint, something we will explore at a later time.
The point is that there are more inherent contradictions – that are increasing by the day – on the socialist-left than on the conservative-right. Contradictions that are driving leftists insane.

The Bottom-Line

The problem for our friends on the national socialist left is that while it’s possible to hold one or two contradictory beliefs for a short time period, piling more and more on top of all the others makes the situation untenable. Not to mention that each one of those beliefs will be in conflict, this being illustrated by come of the open conflict present on the far-left fringe.
Just as the contradictory programming or commands of an automated system in a science fiction drama will eventually tear it apart. The inherent contradictions of the national socialist left will see it implode. Let us all hope that is sooner, rather than later. With the aftermath being the sane Democrats coalescing into a left of center party that eschews collectivism while a small cadre of dyed in the red socialists split off to argue in an echo chamber somewhere, leaving the rest of us in peace. Colleague JD Rucker made the point that 2020 MUST be the election to stifle socialism for good.
After 400 years of failure, it should be clear that socialism is the ‘flat earth’ theory of economics. A logical impossibility that needs to finally take it’s place on the ash-heap of history. It should be taught as a cautionary tale to future generations, cutting through the bovine excreta as a way of preparing them for the inevitable appearance of charlatans that will try to sell it one more time.
Originally published on the NOQ Report


Running the numbers on why socialism can never work

The early history of socialism and its various ‘issues’ and selling it by criticizing economic freedom.

This is another one of the lectures from the Mises Institute in Auburn, Alabama in July 2019. Although somewhat entertaining and a little bit dry in places, it makes some very good points. Primarily that socialists have to tear down economic liberty to sell their socialist slavery. Along with the fact that socialism depends upon central planning and it is impossible to develop the proper calculations to successfully run an economy by these methods. These types of videos are important to understand what we on the Pro-Liberty Right are up against in the coming years.
One of the earlier points made is that there was somewhat of a conflict between the two kinds of the early socialists. Those being the Utopian Socialists: Charles Fourier, Henri Saint-Simon and Robert Owen followed later by Marx and Engels who critiqued Utopian socialism as unscientific. The professor details some of the early ideas of socialism as a way of explaining the ideology.
We can’t do justice to the entire presentation, aside from the point that the left can’t actually sell socialism, they can only criticize economic freedom as in the case of Marx with his book Das Kapital.
Originally published on the NOQ Report