It’s time for an intervention for the nation’s Socialist Left Part III

For those of you scientifically minded [And leftist lore decrees this is always the case with you folks]
We should apply the scientific method to the functionality of your base ideology as a test of efficacy.

This method consists of observation and the creation of an hypothesis, this is then experimentally tested in many different conditions and circumstances. In the case of socialism [or it’s many variants] this has been done in myriad conditions and circumstances down the centuries.

The hypothesis is then rejected, modified or accepted depending on the ‘collective’ results of these experiments. The experiment of Socialism has been run in myriad places and conditions for 500 years with the same result each time: Epic Failure (to the tune of Millions dead and oppressed in most cases)

Thus to be truly scientific about the situation, one must reject the hypothesis and the basic concepts of Socialism. And we all know how you folks on the nation’s socialist Left take pride in being scientifically minded, right?

So isn’t it time for you people to reject these failed ideas from 500 years ago?

For you to truly recover and once again become the loyal opposition you must look at the fundamental belief systems that you hold and make some major changes. Other nations and entities have rejected the dead end of socialism, why can’t you?

You can spare me the protestations that your national party isn’t Socialist, that red train Left the station years ago. This truth was most certainly was cemented in the people’s minds with your flirtation with Socialist Bernie Sanders as a possible nominee. That and the fact that there is little difference between your national agenda and that of the Marxists, Communists and every other fellow traveller on the block.

You people on the Left love to play your little word games to deceive people as to who you truly are. Someone is a “Liberal” one year and a “Progressive” the next and who knows what deceptive label you will apply to yourselves in the future. Take a look at the definition of the term Liberal, do you people honestly think you even get close to meeting that ideal? Does it sound like ‘progress’ to move forward to ideas that are 500 years old?

If your were honest, you would simply admit to your current base ideology of socialism and refrain from trying to play with bizarre definitions of it’s true meaning. The fact that you and your comrades still attempt at denying the truth of the matter should speak volumes about what is truly wrong with your party.
Even your attempts at escaping this epic failure pretending that randomly selected nations are somehow socialist emphasises it’s inability to function. The adage that it’s the dosage that makes the poison comes to us from the science of chemistry and pharmacology. In this case the poison is the amount of your base ideology present in a society such that the higher this dosage of socialism, the higher the detrimental effects.
[Side note – you ideology has killed Millions over the years, so spare me the hysterics for daring to compare your base ideology to poison ]

Becoming a viable political movement once again

Unfortunately, you are politically inveterate with regard to solving the problem. You seem to think that you only have two options – easing off the Marxist mantra or doubling down. And, it would seem that rejecting the wiles of collectivist thought is tantamount to heresy amongst your comrades.

Thus you think your only option is to insanely double down on decline. Insane in terms of doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results such as making cosmetic changes with new labels on the same old ideas.

This will only accelerate your destruction, even now it’s become bloody evident that more and more people are seeing through your deception. And if you think that controlling the media, culture and indoctrination system will help, then you probably haven’t been paying attention.

You should instead reject the fossilised 500 year old of ideologies socialism and embrace liberty and freedom. To be blunt about it: I mean REALLY embrace these concepts – not just pretend to as you have been doing all these years.

So here is your 12 step program (well, it’s really just 8 but you get the picture)

1. Eliminate any and all vestiges of Socialism. This is THE most important step in your recovery.

2. Purge those within your ranks that still cling to the worn-out and deadly ideology of Socialism. In other words, get rid of the Reds.

3. Espouse the mankind enhancing liberty of the free-market whenever and wherever you can. On a sincere basis instead of just playing word games.

4. Reject the shackling of business with tons of onerous regulation and taxes.

5. Get rid of the ‘watermelons’ and their Global Cooling…. er.. Global warming.. er.. Climate change scam. Most likely they were the Reds ejected previously, but you never know.. The tend to hide their true nature behind Gaia worship and weird “ecosexual” tendencies.

6. Stand up for individual freedom and liberty. Keeping in mind that the world’s smallest minority is the individual.

7. Embrace the government limiting precepts of the founding documents. These new ideas (in comparison to yours of ½ a millennia ago) protect the individual against the onslaught of the collective.
This is also the reason behind American greatness and exceptionalism – but don’t let that stop you from supporting them.

8. Did I mention that rejecting the 500 year old ideas of Socialism?

Most assuredly there are more steps you will need to take, but these are a few first steps in your growth as a political movement.

Those who cannot accept the newer ideas of freedom and liberty can tottle off and form their own decrepit and soon to be extinct party embracing old ideas. They can all join a fringe national party imbued with the severely discredited concepts of socialism.

They can hoist a red flag and sing ‘The international’ and pretend they are still relevant in modern, free society. If they choose they can mimic the actions of the Cheka in the old soviet union knocking down people’s doors in the middle of the night and send them off to the gulag for not recycling or something. Hopefully the people they harass won’t exercise their common sense civil right of self defence and respond with a friendly blast of gunfire…

Were you to do these things Freedom would be enhanced and you would be in serious competition for the Liberty loving space currently occupied by the right…..

Better yet, why don’t you forget all I said and keep going the way you have.. it should do something for you sometime.. look how it’s working in ‘Utopia’ after all..


Author: Torcer

Differential equations teaches us that one can use the initial conditions of the present to extrapolate events in the near term balanced with the knowledge of the past. The interaction of technological advances and the march of history is fascinating. History can inform those willing to listen as to what will happen in the future because the laws of human natural are as immutable as the elegant equations of Newtonian physics.

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