The Left should celebrate President Trump, because it could have been far worse for them.

That headline was not meant to be sarcasm, the nation’s Socialist left does have a reason to be thankful that it’s not another Republican occupying the Oval office.

Of course, for the Left to lose an election means a reversal of their fundamental birthright to rule over everyone else for the collective good of all mankind. They are the ones they have been waiting because only they can heal the sea level and lower the planet.

For the people on the Left, It is an article of faith that they should be in complete control since people cannot be trusted to be in complete control. They and they alone know the frailty of the human sprit and how it cannot be trusted to act properly so it is up to them to act properly and control everyone else.

After all, if they didn’t keep an unblinking eye on the rest of us, we might enjoy life with freedom and liberty without their control.

Okay, that part actually was sarcasm…….

But let’s think about what would happened if Trump hadn’t run. What would have transpired in an alternative history without him in the race?

We know from past election cycles that the nation’s Socialist Media would have chosen a GOP candidate to champion who would be destined to lose to their side. Had it not been Trump then most likely they would have pushed Jeb Bush, Chris Christie or one of the lower tier candidates to the hilt. Since a good portion of the party has witnessed this scam from past elections this would have gone nowhere. So instead of their preferred candidate attaining momentum the race would have been more competitive, reflecting the actual wishes of the party.

After all, their side needs every advantage it can get and selecting the GOP nominee for us was part and parcel of their winning strategy.

The early part of the primary season had Ted Cruz or Marco Rubio at the top of the pack with them polling favourably against the presumptive nominee of the DNC. Therefore, those two would be the last choice for the nation’s Socialist Media, with them being decidedly Conservative while beating them at their own game of identity politics.

Without Trump in the race, the media also wouldn’t of had his the ‘assistance’ in bestowing childish nicknames on his opponents. In this both Trump and the media helped demonise the candidates the media feared the most by repeating those nicknames endlessly, cementing certain perceptions in the mind of the primary electorate.

It is quite evident that there is an undercurrent of discontent in the country, after 8 long years of ‘rule’ by the Left the people were ready for a change. Events leading up to the general election only served to emphasise this manifestation. Thus the likelihood that the GOP would have won with Ted Cruz or Marko Rubio having the highest probabilities in this regard.

While It could be argued that a certain percentage of support for Trump would have been personality based, the rest of it was a rejection of the Left’s Socialist national agenda. A good portion was simply revulsion at what Comrade Clinton would have done to the people’s common sense civil rights. Her hostility to even second amendment thought was quite clear.

So how would it have been that much worse for the Left if Trump had not been the nominee?

Well, first of all a Cruz or Rubio administration would be free of the baggage of Trump. They would have had extensive experience in the workings of government. Their actions would have been based on principles instead of populism.

Their expedience in government would have meant a much smoother rollout of their polices giving the media and the left (sorry to be redundant there..) a smaller objective to attack. Their hysterics would have to be centred on the fundamental role of government instead of emotional convulsions.

Without the media’s built in mode of attack, they would have to focus on policy instead of personality. The debate would have centred around the role of government in people’s lives and how the national ‘progress’ towards socialism the past 8 years was a colossal mistake.

Instead of executive orders and late night tweets it would have been a well prepared legislative agenda and clear and concise communications from a White house that had a specific direction.

The nation’s Socialist Left is hanging by their fingernails, and with the exception of the Obama personality cult they have been losing for years. The last thing they need to happen is an open discussion of their base ideology and how it’s been a failure everywhere it’s been tried. Leftist can’t even decide how to argue if they are Socialists or not. Some keep up the tired old “We’re not ideologues, we just want what is practical and what works”. While others have gone the opposite direction declaring anything the government touches as ‘socialism’

The relegation of the Left away from the levers of power has seen them become increasingly unhinged. Without Trump in the White House, they wouldn’t be able to fall back on what he’s said in a tweet or a speech. They would have had the same reaction with another president, but it would have been because a Conservative president was trying to restore liberty to the nation. They could hardly look like ‘liberals’ if that were the reason for rioting.

Thus the distractions of Trump gives the Left an easy way to avoid the fundamental issues facing the nation, for that they should be eternally grateful to the man.


Author: Torcer

Differential equations teaches us that one can use the initial conditions of the present to extrapolate events in the near term balanced with the knowledge of the past. The interaction of technological advances and the march of history is fascinating. History can inform those willing to listen as to what will happen in the future because the laws of human natural are as immutable as the elegant equations of Newtonian physics.

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