Why Intergalactic Background Checks* are really Intergalactic Governmental Controls

*AKA “Universal Background Checks” or “Comprehensive Background Checks”

Given recent terrorist attacks, those who wish to destroy liberty are once again using these serious crises as a pretext to impose even more control over our lives. They would like us to trade some more of our freedom for the promise of ‘a little temporary Safety’ as Benjamin Franklin termed it.

This false promise is predicated on the belief that criminals and terrorists will somehow have a change of heart and abide the law in obtaining their tools of terror. Those who cannot deal with the fact that our rights are inalienable would like us to believe that they have a magical solution to keep the scum of the earth from obtaining weapons. That once and for all, criminals and terrorists will become good citizens of the world just because new laws have been implemented that control the possessions of the innocent.

Of course, those of us living in reality know that these new denigration’s of our common sense civil rights will do nothing in this regard. These new constrictions on liberty will only serve to incrementally take away those rights and empower those unencumbered with the law.

The issue is whether the government should have total control over your property. In this we have a profound difference between Right and Left, between those who support individual rights and those who have a collective mentality. There is the insidious presumption by the progressive Left to inexorably impose tighter and tighter controls over our lives simply for the greater good.

So why should the government have control over certain kinds of property for emotionally arbitrary reasons? The nation’s Socialist left simply asserts this should be the case because they’ve decreed certain inanimate objects to be dangerous.

Their insidious presumption is of collective ownership, that certain (if not all) property should be under the purview of the government. Consider that gun confiscation is usually couched as a mandatory “Buy back”. To those imbued with the precepts of individual liberty and freedom this phraseology makes no sense.

How can the government “Buy back” something it never owned?

It’s also doesn’t help that the Left loves to play fast and loose with the language. When polled on the issue, it’s phrased with regard to the innocuous sounding term ‘Background checks’ in connection to gun buyers. Sometimes the words ‘universal’ or ‘comprehensive’ are tossed into the mix, or they will talk of ‘expanded’ background checks, or of the ‘closing loopholes’.

But what would be the results of a poll that asked if the government should have total control over everyone’s property? That is the underlying issue here that is deliberately being concealed.

Often times these expansions of government power will have accompanying penalties for the failure to report a lost firearm. Why should this be a problem if the stated concern is about criminals buying guns?

This would only be a priority if they wanted total property control. If the Gun grabbers [Gun reformers as they like to mischaracterize themselves] primary concerns were as stated, then their control fetish should not exist.

It’s always a fun exercise to ask Leftists questions that they cannot honestly answer.

One of these is where the government obtains the authority to control everyone’s property with Intergalactic Background Checks.

This will flummox them because they won’t be able to cite the Constitutional justification and it sets out in stark relief their collectivist viewpoint. Their mindset is that government control of property is entirely justified without question. But they can’t exactly articulate this rationale without giving up the game on their world view, so they avoid the issue and gloss it over with emotionally laden talking points.

There is no Constitutional justification for Intergalactic Background Checks but that has never stopped those who want to assert complete control over the individual. In the case of a Federal Firearms License the argument is that the long abused ‘Commerce clause’ provides the answer, just as it has for just about every other government overreach.

Can one argue with a straight face that the founding fathers would have wanted the government to have this level of control over the people’s property? How is loaning a 12 gauge to a friend “Commerce.. among the several States”?

The larger philosophical point here is that that liberty depends on property rights, that if they control a person’s property, they control them. Their liberty is forfeit if someone has overarching control such that they can take that property at any time or decree what someone can do with said property. Ownership means that you don’t need someone else’s permission to buy, sell or even possess something.

Control is synonymous with ownership, governmental control means government ownership. It means you are merely the temporary possessor of property under government control. And this doesn’t even begin to touch the issue of taxation or the fact that these controls will lead to the Left’s ultimate goal of confiscation.

Where the left to attain their nirvana of controlling your property, they would move on to control other types of property for the greater good as well as making it more odious to defend yourself. They would not be able to resist their primal urge to tax your possessions and heap on all manner of red tape to make it as difficult and embarrassing to exercise your Constitutional rights.

History teaches us that these measures are never the last word, that there are always additional moves the Left will make based on their latest overreach. If you give the government new unprecedented powers over one aspect of your life, it won’t be long before they will want to take full advantage of the situation and expand that power everywhere else.



Author: Torcer

Differential equations teaches us that one can use the initial conditions of the present to extrapolate events in the near term balanced with the knowledge of the past. The interaction of technological advances and the march of history is fascinating. History can inform those willing to listen as to what will happen in the future because the laws of human natural are as immutable as the elegant equations of Newtonian physics.

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