The political spectrum only needs one axis.

“The Founding Fathers knew a government can’t control the economy without controlling people. And they knew when a government sets out to do that, it must use force and coercion to achieve its purpose.“ Ronald Reagan

The term statism is defined by the Oxford English dictionary as:

“A political system in which the state has substantial centralised control over social and economic affairs”

Economic and Social issues are inextricably intertwined

Multiple axis political spectra try to separate various political elements based on somewhat vague rationale. The most common of these attempts to disconnect the inextricably intertwined economic and social affairs in two or more scales that only serve to obfuscate and confuse the issue. As can be seen in the above definition, these political elements are invariably interlinked.

We should preface this discussion with the point that there is a vast difference between the physical and political sciences. The former deal with set physical phenomena with very little variability in predicting behaviour, whereas the political sciences are based on very complex and changing phenomena and the actions of people in large populations. Thus political science is far from being exact in character, thus there will be exceptions to any analysis of the subject matter. Attempts at making the discipline more complex to suit a particular political motivation have still failed to model the science to any exacting degree.

It is difficult to create a perfect model of imperfect behaviour. The best that can be hoped for is the creation of spectra based on factual data and logic eschewing any manner of bias. While there might be exceptions and contradictions to having only one axis, the most generalised case is that this is the best model for the political spectra.

In most situations, economic freedom is closely associated with societal freedom. Basic logic dictates this to be the case, since a vast difference between the two would create an imbalance. Parenthetically speaking, one cannot have these at different ends of the scale since the aspect that is free will counteract that which is authoritatively bound. Governments often use economic means to control society – distribution of food, for example – as a way of controlling the populace. And a theoretically a free society would tend to undermine an economically authoritarian regime. If one is going to control the economy, one must also control society to suppress dissent when that centralised economic control inevitably fails and the people become restless.

One also has to recognize that Communism and other collectivist ideologies are also authoritarian in nature, it is the only way they can function. It is only logical that an overreaching authority has to be in place in order to ‘redistribute the wealth’. Someone has to forcibly take the property of some to redistribute it to others. People will not voluntarily hand over the product of their labour, therefore it has to be taken from them.

Multiple axis spectra will oftentimes try to postulate the impossible situation of total authoritarian rule in one aspect with total freedom in another. While there many are minor exceptions in situations towards the midpoint part of the spectrum, there tend to be severe discontinuities at the outer edges of these constructs. The structural imbalance of multiple political spectra can be seen in the severe discontinuities present.

Multiple axis spectra turn ideological placement into arbitrary compositions

One can see that multiple axis political spectra tend to arbitrarily place ideologies. One axis may range from Libertarian to Authoritarian, but closely associated ideologies should be collocated with these placements. Indeed, similar ideologies are randomly placed in other locations to by all appearances suit a particular agenda.

We use the terms of Socialist-Left and Conservative–Right because the factual definitions closely associate these together. However, there are constructs borne of the multiple axis spectra that are beyond logic and factual reality. These hybrids are usually contradictions in terms such as Libertarian-Socialism or anarcho-Communism. In point of fact, these hybrids are ideological impossibilities akin to a physical substance being composed of matter and anti-matter. Socialism and Communism demand an overarching government to properly function despite the Marxist propaganda to the contrary.

In some ways it’s almost amusing how these multiple axis spectra will be populated with all manner of various political ideologies and hybrids. Examine some of the resulting placements of the various political ideologies and hybrids whose placements on the spectra can only be described as arbitrary.

The point of this exercise is to create a logical and linear model of the political spectrum maintaining transparency at every point in the process. The obscure and vague methodologies used to form some political spectra are contrary to this purpose. And the arbitrary and random nature of some of the spectra formations is an indication of this lack of transparency.

These arbitrary and contradictory constructs tend to confuse rather than illuminate the reality of the situation. One should be suspicious of a lack of transparency and a tendency for overly complicating an issue. Many of the multiple axis political spectra seem to be more interested in confusing the reader than explaining themselves.

Severe discontinuities present in the multiple axis spectra

As mentioned previously, the inherent imbalance present in the multiple axis spectra tends to create severe discontinuities at various points. These results when one attempts to disconnect societal and economic control. For example, there is the previously mentioned ‘anarcho-Communism’ ideology that attempts to wield two disparate concepts together that is analogous to trying to form matter and anti-matter into one substance.

The best examples are the commonly seen two axis political spectra with Right-Left being one axis and the other axis of Libertarian-Authoritarian set at 90° to it. In this construct one of the corners has the severe discontinuity of laissez–faire economics incongruously coupled with authoritarianism. The opposite corner has a similar discontinuity with anarchism coupled with Communism.

Placing this in terms of numeric quantities of the dictionary definitions will necessitate the sudden transition of a zero evaluation to a value approaching one hundred. This mathematics discontinuity should be all that is needed to inform one of the impossibility of these constructs.

Political motivations

Multiple axis political spectra are often used by some in a politically motivated attempt to keep certain ideologies out of the leftist sphere. Thus the purveyor of such a spectra can keep certain leftist ideologies away from their proper placement.

There is a cottage industry populated mainly by Leftists who incessantly attempt to absolve the crimes against humanity perpetrated by their side, with all manner of writings, graphics and video presentations.

Attempts at trying to reconcile these severe discontinuities, has seen the creation of spectra of varying types in three dimensions. These will be followed on by the spectra of even higher 4th and 5th dimensions, although that last one should have some good music to accompany it..
Thus we have made the case that Political spectra should only have one axis. We have shown that it makes logical sense, unlike multiple axis political spectra. It avoids the severe discontinuities present in other constructs that are rife with political biases meant to confuse the issue and obfuscate the reality of the situation.




Author: Torcer

Differential equations teaches us that one can use the initial conditions of the present to extrapolate events in the near term balanced with the knowledge of the past. The interaction of technological advances and the march of history is fascinating. History can inform those willing to listen as to what will happen in the future because the laws of human natural are as immutable as the elegant equations of Newtonian physics.

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