#CharlieGard and the danger of national Socialized Medicine

In many ways one has to marvel at how events tend to play out. Just as we in the states are to decide the fate of national Socialized Medicine the case of Charlie Gard across the Atlantic has cropped up illustrating it’s extreme danger to humanity at large. We are at a crossroads where we can reject the vestiges of Socialism and hopefully see it fade into the deeps of history or we can give it a lifeline that will have far reaching implications for the future of the nation.


“Those who cannot learn from history are doomed to repeat it.” George Santayana

For various reasons we don’t usually directly comment on current events. However, the case of Charlie Gard warrants an exception to that precept since time is critical in two major respects. The child referenced is under a literal death sentence from the cause of national Socialized Medicine. Meanwhile, we in the states are on the brink of a decision to throw a lifeline to Obamacare implosion or scrap it and start over.

Recently The Glen Beck program had a great discussion on the dangerous ramifications of the Charlie Gard caseUK Death Panel Rules Baby Should ‘Die With Dignity,’ History Teaches Brutal Lesson of What Comes Next

Believe it or not, this isn’t the first time in history this issue has come up — and the first time, things didn’t go well at all.

“If you can’t justify yourself, if you can’t say, I will, I will produce more than I eat, you’re just a useless eater, and that hurts all of Germany,” Glenn said on radio Wednesday.

“Baby Knauer was the first baby and the first victim of the Holocaust. It started with compassion. It started exactly the way it’s starting now in the West, in England. And if we don’t know history on this particular case, we will be destined to repeat it.”

No doubt the nation’s Socialist left will have conniptions over the comparison of that actions one Socialist Worker’s party with the actions of another of a similar ideology. Never the less, it does bear witness to how the degradation of life can lead to serious consequences. And it raises the very important question of why anyone would care to implement such a system. However, the Media doesn’t even want to address the issue, much less consider it’s long term implications.

And before the Left’s loses it’s collective mind over the temerity of comparing historical events, let us replay the actual words of one George Bernard Shaw: Justify Your Existence:


His First Life Ministry
From The soviet story. [Documentary footage]. Brussels, Belgium. Snore, E. (Author/director). (2008).

It’s is only logical that when one’s opposition is desirous of certain acts, one should avoid that action since they will not have one’s best interests at heart. Such is the case with the Slate article: The Right Is Turning the Charlie Gard Tragedy into a Case Against Single-Payer Health Care. It’s the Opposite.

Sidenote: The national Socialist media’s usual tactic is to construct it’s headline as a one line editorial for those who don’t read the attached article. As is also typical, the article spends a great deal of time discussing the case and condemning the Right for daring to bring up this glaring example of the danger of their socialist national agenda while neglecting the point raised in the headline. It’s only towards the end of the piece and long after the point that most people would read that the author tries to make the rather weak pleading mentioned way up in the headline that everyone would have read.

She bases her assertions on the dubious contention that “Trumpcare Will Probably Kill Thousands Each Year, And it is neither alarmist nor uncivil to say so.” [Another Slate article – is everyone detecting the trend here?] Oddly enough, neither piece mentioned the cuts to the National Health Service that will have an adverse effect on 23 Million people – this with the left’s ideal of a national socialist health care system.

Hysterics aside, the essential contention is that better one child die than thousands. Well, this is not a foregone conclusion by any means – hence the ’Probably’ in the headline of the Slate piece. That the left is warning us off this issue should be a red flag that this is their Achilles’ heel in the matter. Besides, shouldn’t everyone keep that George Santayana quote in mind? [And it is neither alarmist nor uncivil to say so. – to borrow a phrase]

The fact is, government run health care systems are imploding everywhere with skyrocketing costs and severely reduced care. And the question becomes, what will happen to the people when these systems inevitably collapse? How many people will die when Obamacare or the National Health Service implodes? Shouldn’t we take these hard questions into account instead of the hysterical polemics of the national socialist left?

It would be far better to see the Charlie Gard case as warning to us all and make the correct choice in the healthcare debate. Just as it would be to take into account what truly works in the real world outside the echo chamber of the Left. Merely prolonging the legacy of Obamacare will only usher in a far worse alternative – national socialized medicine – an alternative that is a disaster in the making.

Author: Torcer

Differential equations teaches us that one can use the initial conditions of the present to extrapolate events in the near term balanced with the knowledge of the past. The interaction of technological advances and the march of history is fascinating. History can inform those willing to listen as to what will happen in the future because the laws of human natural are as immutable as the elegant equations of Newtonian physics.

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