GOP: You have no other choice than to repeal Obamacare

Every other option is a trap you are setting for yourself.

1. The GOP will be responsible for what ever happens to healthcare from now on. The media will hammer this point day and night.
2. Without a repeal, the midterms will be a blood bath.
Anything short of what you promised for 7 years will see Republicans staying home. While midterms in this situation are usually bad, it will be compounded by leftists out for revenge and the right failing to see a reason to vote GOP without a repeal.

3. When RINOcare inevitably collapses as intended and with the loss of Congress the Left will take this as grand opportunity to force national socialist healthcare upon the people as the only alternative.

Therefore, you have no other choice than to at least repeal Obamacare and set the country on a path towards free-market reforms. These will work far better than the left’s ultimate goal of national socialized healthcare and economic slavery.


It should be clear to those with even the hardest mindset that repeal of Obamacare is the only choice. It was solemnly promised by the party for 7 long years. It should also be clear that it was only meant to fail and be a precursor to national socialized healthcare. The voters were told time and time again that the party needed all three branches of the government under control, and they delivered. Now is the time for the GOP to fulfill it’s end of the bargain.

There will be no reason to support the party any longer if it cannot accomplish this one task set before it. If you cannot fulfill this promise it will signal the end of the party and the birth of another.

Author: Torcer

Differential equations teaches us that one can use the initial conditions of the present to extrapolate events in the near term balanced with the knowledge of the past. The interaction of technological advances and the march of history is fascinating. History can inform those willing to listen as to what will happen in the future because the laws of human natural are as immutable as the elegant equations of Newtonian physics.

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