Open Thread


Revolution, what revolution? Russians show little interest in 1917 centenary #SocialismSucks #AbolishSocialism

Fall Back to the Glorious Days of the October Revolution

George Takei Tweets Socialist Dreams From Fictional Star Trek Future. Twitter Mauls Him.
#SocialismSucks #AbolishSocialism

Watch: Here’s what you need to know about the gun control debate

The Second Amendment is the solution, not the problem –

Texas Hero: I Couldn’t Have Stopped Mass Shooter Without My AR-15

Exclusive Interview With Stephen Willeford, Hero in the Texas Shooting via @scrowder

Gun Control Absolutely, Positively Won’t Fix Our Problems — but This Would

This video from USA Today on the gun used in the Texas church massacre is getting A LOT of mocking on Twitter

USA Today Humiliates Themselves in Hilariously Ignorant Anti AR-15 Video…

USA Today’s current truth about chainsaw bayonets 

Texas shooter died from three gunshot wounds – none were from police



Author: Torcer

Differential equations teaches us that one can use the initial conditions of the present to extrapolate events in the near term balanced with the knowledge of the past. The interaction of technological advances and the march of history is fascinating. History can inform those willing to listen as to what will happen in the future because the laws of human natural are as immutable as the elegant equations of Newtonian physics.

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