Media: Please stop bringing Fame to mass murderers with the Gratuitous use of their Names and Imagery.

It is time that we stop glamorising killers with unnecessary media fanfare    #NoFame4KillersSaying that the Socialist-Left wants a certain level of violence to
push gun control will always result in a lot of wailing and gnashing of
teeth. Still, it’s hard to shake that conclusion when it comes to the
idea of refusing to bring fame to mass murderers. Studies have shown
that these killers inspire others to copy their horrid acts, so it’s
only logical that cutting down their media exposure would help alleviate
the problem.Proving the point is the report in the Miami Herald that: There have been threats of violence at 12 U.S. schools, at least, since Fla. Shooting, Including an arrest of a high school student who threatened ‘Round 2’ of Florida Shooting as reported at

Consider a 2015 study from researchers at Arizona State University and Northeastern Illinois University reported in the PLOS journal, concluding that:

We find significant evidence that mass killings involving
firearms are incented by similar events in the immediate past. On
average, this temporary increase in probability lasts 13 days, and each
incident incites at least 0.30 new incidents (p = 0.0015). We also find
significant evidence of contagion in school shootings, for which an
incident is contagious for an average of 13 days, and incites an average
of at least 0.22 new incidents (p = 0.0001).

To make it perfectly clear, we are not talking about keeping this information secret or censoring the media.
The data should be available in certain places in the media – a
dispassionate recitation of the facts of the crime, to keep conspiracy
theories and other such nonsense at bay. But there is no logical reason
to make a mass murderer famous for the sake of clicks or ratings.

Nor is this a call for government intervention, this is more like a “gentlemen’s agreement”(or gentlewoman’s as the case may be)
to stop gratuitously promoting these killers. It’s about denying fame
to cowardly murderers who are the worst of the worst, nothing more,
nothing less.

Consider that the experts in the field have detailed the extensive
planning and preparation these mass murderers that proceeding through
five distinct phases. This article published in detailed these stages: 5 phases of the active shooter: A tactical reload

1. Fantasy Phase

2. Planning Phase

3. Preparation Phase

4. Approach Phase

5. Implementation Phase

Are we to believe that the “Columbine effect” doesn’t factor in these stages?

In addition, are we to believe that in the Left’s magical
“Gun-Free” Utopian fantasy land, that criminals of this type wouldn’t
find alternative methods of mass murder?

Both sides of the political aisle have championed this have idea. It was extensively discussed on the Glenn Beck Radio program: Logic and Reason Needed, As well as the publication ‘Mother Jones’.  While we loathe to link to them, they did offer some useful tips to alleviate this deadly problem:

Report on the perpetrator forensically and with
dispassionate language. Avoid terms like “lone wolf” and “school
shooter,” which may carry cachet with young men aspiring to attack.
Instead use “perpetrator,” “act of lone terrorism,” and “act of mass

Minimise use of the perpetrator’s name. When it isn’t necessary to
repeat it, don’t. And don’t include middle names gratuitously, a common
practice for distinguishing criminal suspects from others of the same
name, but which can otherwise lend a false sense of their importance.

Keep the perpetrator’s name out of headlines. Rarely, if ever, will a
generic reference to him in a headline be any less practical.

Minimize use of images of the perpetrator. This is especially
important both in terms of aspiring copycats’ desire for fame, and the
psychology of vulnerable individuals who identify with mass shooters.

When both ends of the political spectrum agree on something that is so basic and eminently obvious, everyone should take notice. But then again, maybe there are those who really want a certain level of violence, who would prefer to tilt at the windmill of gun control and never really solve anything.


Originally published on the NOQ Report





Author: Torcer

Differential equations teaches us that one can use the initial conditions of the present to extrapolate events in the near term balanced with the knowledge of the past. The interaction of technological advances and the march of history is fascinating. History can inform those willing to listen as to what will happen in the future because the laws of human natural are as immutable as the elegant equations of Newtonian physics.

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