Narrative Breakers: Liberty Control Works – United Kingdom Edition.

Who would have guessed that taking away the people’s reasonable human right of self-defence doesn’t keep them safe?

Anyone with a modicum of common sense should have seen this coming
from a mile away. Depriving the innocent of their means of
self-preservation won’t protect them. It doesn’t even ‘cut down on the carnage’ (whatever that means) since criminals – by definition – do not obey the law and will be free to victimize the innocent.

The incessant mantra is that the States are the eccentric barbarians in the world with everyone else living in ‘gun-free’
Utopias. If only we would give up our culture of Liberty for security,
all would be at peace in the world, free to sing Kumbaya while
addressing each other with non-gender specific pronouns.

Violence skyrocketing because it was never about Scary looking Inanimate Objects.

Too bad reality doesn’t fit with such farcical Leftist fantasies. According to a report a few weeks ago in the Independent: Knife and gun crime rockets across England and Wales – as police numbers hit historic lows.
Of course, the spin is that it’s because the government just doesn’t
have enough power over the people. But one cannot help but admire the
pluck of using the same tired Liberty Grabber talking points in trying to prop up a failed disarmament agenda:

Vicky Foxcroft, a Labour MP who chairs the Youth Violence
Commission, said it was time for the Government to accept its strategy
to fight knife crime was failing.

“Enough is enough,” she said. “We need an urgent, united and societal
response to address this rising epidemic and it is time that the
Government wake up to its failing knife crime strategy.”

Meanwhile, The Times reports: London murder rate beats New York as stabbings surge.
These reports should come as a surprise to anyone exclusively imbibing
on the nation’s Socialist Media as of late. For them, the US with it’s
staunch protection of fundamental human rights has become a parish. After all, how dare they insist on the maintenance of Liberty in the face of crying adolescents?

Weapons can be made of just about anything – even hard candy.

It should be troubling to the Liberty grabbers that strict control in
these areas has not solved the problem brought on by an immoral
culture. The plain fact is that no one can ever ban edged weapons
because they have been around since the stone age. These weapons are easy to make with the only requirements being a material that will hold an edge (Stone, Wood, Metal, Plastic, Candy) and a way to make it sharp. To say that these materials are quite prevalent would be an understatement of epic proportions.

The Takeaway.

So perhaps this should be an object lesson for the Liberty Grabbers.
It was never about mere inanimate objects, but a lack of societal moral
underpinnings. That if one can never be rid of weapons, solving the
problem should entail looking elsewhere than controlling Liberty.

Originally published on the NOQ Report



Author: Torcer

Differential equations teaches us that one can use the initial conditions of the present to extrapolate events in the near term balanced with the knowledge of the past. The interaction of technological advances and the march of history is fascinating. History can inform those willing to listen as to what will happen in the future because the laws of human natural are as immutable as the elegant equations of Newtonian physics.

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