The Top 5 Reasons to Reject Intergalactic Background Checks.

Call them what you will – enhanced, Intergalactic or whatever,
they will be Universally ignored by the guilty and only serve to punish
the innocent.

Once again, we are seeing our rights being eroded before our very
eyes. With the latest mass murder outrage caused by the Left’s cultural
Marxism, it is being demanded that we compromise on that which shall not
be infringed. In their unending quest to disarm the people and empower
themselves, the push is being made for Intergalactic Background Checks (enhanced, Universal, etc.)

As surely as night follows day, the Liberty grabbers are in high
dungeon over the people actually having the ability to defend
themselves. Thus they want the next stepping stone to their final aim of
Gun Confiscation. The most infuriating aspect of this is that
there are those on the Pro-Liberty, Conservative-Right side of the aisle
who are willing to concede this important point to the Liberty

Let us be clear on the real meaning of the seemingly innocuous phases
bandied about by the enemies of liberty on the Left. When they talk
about the ‘Intergalactic’ version of Background Checks they are really asserting the authority over everyone’s private property,
a governmental overreach that would be enraged the truly Liberal
founding fathers. Property rights are the cornerstone of Liberty, so do
we really want the government to control It with these controls?

The following are the Top 5 reasons to reject this gross intrusion
into our private property, not to mention being a violation of a number
of the amendments in the Bill of Rights

1). Intergalactic Background Checks would punish the innocent for the sins of the guilty based on a polling impossibility.

The Liberty Grabbers have a perennial favourite tactic when it comes
to this issue, trotting polling data that implies 90% agreement with
‘Background Checks’. Everyone should be immediately suspect of any
polling data that shows upwards of over ¾ of the populace agreeing on
anything. In the diverse electorate environment of the states, this kind
of agreement is almost impossible. But to the Liberty Grabbers of the
national Socialist Left, this is akin to mom and apple pie territory.

This polling is like that of comparing a known political candidate with an unspecified place holder. Often times people will fill in the blank with their ideal, in the case of ‘background checks’ those on the Pro-Liberty side merely agree to that which already exists.

While the Leftist enemies of Liberty fill in the blank with all
manner of draconian schemes they can think of to punish the innocent for
daring to want to protect themselves. After all, these are people who
evidently don’t understand firearms or the unimaginable overburden of
laws on a basic human right. So to them, imposing a hardship any milder
than outright confiscation is being overly generous.

2). They don’t work while burdening the innocent in exercising their Common Sense human rights.

A massive study on the efficacy of ‘Gun’ Control from the RAND Corporation was recently published  that stated in part:

We reviewed thousands of studies to identify all
available evidence for the effects of 13 gun policies on eight outcomes.
After excluding studies that did not meet our criteria for establishing
a law’s effects, we found little persuasive evidence for the effects of
most policies on most outcomes.

On the specific issue of ‘Universal’ [‘Intergalactic’ or ‘enhanced’] Background Checks on mass shootings

Summary: Evidence for the effect of background checks on mass shootings is inconclusive.

Key Findings:

Background checks have uncertain effects on mass shootings.

Evidence for this relationship is inconclusive.

Translating the academician speak into the King’s English – when they use phrases such as ‘uncertain effects’ or ‘inconclusive’ it really means ‘We don’t know’ and there is no hard data that these policies work.
Parenthetically speaking, It’s hard to believe that they wouldn’t have
trumpeted concrete, real world results for these policies from the
virtual rooftops, if they could have found the data to support them.

Compare their ‘uncertain effects’  against the societal cost
in disarming the innocent with people no longer having the ability to
defend themselves. In an article published on entitled: How Many Lives Are Saved by Guns — and Why Don’t Gun Controllers Care?

The author details the number of non-suicide firearm deaths as roughly 11,000. While estimates of lives Saved by guns as ranging from “500,000 to more than 3 million per year”. That would be the societal cost of Intergalactic Background Checks for virtually no benefit.

3). Intergalactic Background Checks lack Constitutional Justification.

Can anyone imagine the founding fathers acquiescing to governmental control over private property?

They knew that private property was the cornerstone of Liberty, so
governmental control of it wouldn’t of made any sense to them. Set aside
the enormous infringement on a common sense human right as prohibited
by the 2nd Amendment while considering this possible ‘addition’ to the
4th amendment:

“The right of the people to be secure in their persons,
houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures,
shall not be violated”
– but they will be under complete control of the government.

It could also argued that since the government asserting control over property, there would no longer be an ‘private’ property, thus part of the 5th amendment would no longer exist: “nor shall private property be taken for public use, without just compensation.”

So, in a trifecta of tyranny, Intergalactic Background Checks would
violate at least 3 Amendments of the Bill of Rights. We could have
extended this with the those also violating the 9th and 10th amendments,
but the point has been made.

Parenthetically speaking, it’s always fun to ask our comrades of the
national Socialist Left what is the legal or Constitutional
justification for Intergalactic Background Checks. No answer will be
forthcoming because there is no justification for this absurd amount of governmental overreach.

As to the justification for regular background checks, it could be
argued that they are based on the often abused commerce clause with the
firearm dealers being federally licensed.

4). IBC’s would set the Very Dangerous precedent of Collective Property Control.

Those imbued with the precepts of individual Liberty would find such a precedent abhorrent. Those of the collectivist ‘Common good before individual good’
mindset would be perfectly satisfied with that level of government
overreach. It would also give them the opportunity to extend that kind
of social engineering to untold areas of mischief.

Considering that such a perversion of property rights would turn the
governmental limitations of the 2nd Amendment on it’s head, the
implications of Intergalactic Background Checks are enormous. Instead of
being a restraint on the government, a new-found constraint on the people will have been created out of whole cloth.

For if the government has purview over firearms, why not over items
that emit greenhouse gasses? What other human rights could the
collectivists eviscerate with that level of control? History has proven
that governments cannot be trusted with too much power, hence the
rationale of the founding fathers to limit it’s potential to grow out of

Who knows how the precedent of government control of private property could be abused?

Perhaps ever-increasing fees over obtaining permission to transfer a firearm?

Why not property taxes on firearms, enough to price most people out of possession?

[Note: There is a very good chance that the Liberty grabbers have
already considered these ideas, so we cannot be blamed for presenting

5). Intergalactic Background Checks are the next step towards Gun Confiscation.

It should be painfully obvious that the only reason the Liberty grabbers obsess over this issue is that it is the next step for them toward their ultimate objective of gun confiscation. Intergalactic Background Checks would naturally lead into Gun registration followed by Gun confiscation.
In point of fact, as soon as the government has control over everyone’s
firearms, it is just a matter of picking them up at the most opportune
time: Gun Registration is Gun Confiscation

The enemies of Liberty on the Left have overwhelmingly expressed a desire for gun confiscation
so it’s primarily a matter of determining who has the firearms.
Intergalactic Background Checks will go a long way in attaining this
goal, for once they have control over the legal transfer of every gun,
they can assemble registration lists and demand that their owners
surrender their ‘property’ at any time.

This is why this type of tyranny needs to be stopped, dead in it’s tracks.


On the specific issue of ‘Universal’ [‘Intergalactic’ or ‘enhanced’] Background Checks on mass shootings

We identified one study that examined the effects of background
checks on mass shootings and met our inclusion criteria. Using a two-way
fixed-effects linear probability model, Luca, Deepak, and Poliquin
(2016) estimated the effects of background check laws on a binary
indicator for whether a mass shooting occurred in a given state-year.
The authors included two measures of background check laws: an indicator
for whether laws required a background check for all handgun
transactions (including private sales) and an indicator for whether laws
required a background check for all firearm transactions (including
private sales). The authors’ regression ­analysis covered 1989–2014 and
included controls for time-invariant state characteristics; national
trends; a host of other state-level gun policies; and time-varying
state-level demographic, socioeconomic, and political characteristics.
Their findings showed an uncertain relationship between background check
laws and the probability of at least one mass shooting event occurring.

Originally published on the NOQ Report


Author: Torcer

Differential equations teaches us that one can use the initial conditions of the present to extrapolate events in the near term balanced with the knowledge of the past. The interaction of technological advances and the march of history is fascinating. History can inform those willing to listen as to what will happen in the future because the laws of human natural are as immutable as the elegant equations of Newtonian physics.

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