Remember: We’ve always been at war with Global Cooling.

The cyclic nature of climate means the hysteria can only be exploited for a limited time, and it’s running short.

When it comes to creating deceptive labels the national socialist
Left is par excellence, despite failing at everything else. Their self
labeling as ‘Liberals’ while having a collectivist ideology has to be one of the best examples. However, nothing shows their true genius for mendacity than their use of the of the term ‘Climate Change’ instead of the phrases ‘Global Warming’ or ‘Global Cooling’.

This is one of those vague terms with a ‘Heads we win, Tails we win’
sort of quality that works in any environment. It’s a plain fact of
reality that the climate always changes, so they can claim prescience no
matter happens. It’s use also gives them one of the greatest strawman
arguments of all time, the ever deceitful pejorative ‘Climate Change denier’.
No one actually denies that the climate changes, but this doesn’t stop
them from tarring their opponents with this scurrilous accusation at
every turn.

Global Cooling then Global Warming then Climate Change and then back to Global Cooling.

The past few decades happened to be in the upward part of a
never-ending cycle of change that has taken place as long as the planet
has existed. This let the climate cult cast the increasing temperatures
as ‘Global Warming’. When this decelerated the infamous phrase
‘Climate change’ became popular with talk about what to make of the
‘pause’ in global warming. Soon enough people began to notice that globe
wasn’t really getting warmer, and islands that were supposed to sink
beneath rising sea levels defied conventional wisdom and began growing in size.

Only a bit of fancy footwork with the language helped ‘hide the decline’ in the fortunes of global warming.. pardon..
Climate change. Normal weather events were recast as being extreme,
while lack of major hurricanes over long time periods ignored until they
returned once again. Instead of mere winter storms that have occurred
for millennia, they were labeled with hurricane style names and said to
be bombs or explosive. People are going to begin questioning why are we
making sacrifices to the carbon gods when the planet really isn’t
burning up?

Scientists are predicting ‘mini ice age’.

Still further, the bad news for the climate cult is that soon enough
the cycle turn to a downward trend showing it to be just hysteria over
something that is naturally recurring.

From Sky News: Scientists predict ‘mini ice age’ could hit UK by 2030

A mathematical model of the Sun’s magnetic activity
suggests temperatures could start dropping here from 2021, with the
potential for winter skating on the River Thames by 2030. A team led by
maths professor Valentina Zharkova at Northumbria University built on
work from Moscow to predict the movements of two magnetic waves produced
by the Sun. It predicts rapidly decreasing magnetic waves for three
solar cycles beginning in 2021 and lasting 33 years. Very low magnetic
activity on the Sun correspond with historically documented cold periods
on Earth.

This reality will not sit well with the climate cult, they’ve made a
living over carbon indulgences the past few decades while using their
hysteria to try to control every aspect of our lives. It has met some
‘resistance’, apparently we’re supposed to believe that the main driver
of climate – The SUN – has a less of an influence effect than an ancillary effect of the sun, and not from the main green house gas to boot.

From the Washington Post: No, Earth is not heading toward a ‘mini ice age’

It’s a dramatic idea, but it isn’t being embraced by many
climate scientists, who argue that anthropogenic global warming —
brought on by a human outpouring of greenhouse gas emissions into the
atmosphere — will far outweigh any climate effects that might be caused
by the sun. As far as the solar variations go, “The effect is a drop in
the bucket, a barely detectable blip, on the overall warming trajectory
we can expect over the next several decades from greenhouse warming,”
said Michael Mann, distinguished professor of meteorology at
Pennsylvania State University, in an e-mail to The Washington Post.

Worse yet, there are actual reports from the periodical Scientific
American that state in essence, “pollution is helping to cool the
climate, masking some of the global warming that’s occurred so far.” Cleaning Up Air Pollution May Strengthen Global Warming.

For now, the Climate Cult is showing their best perversion of the scientific method attacking any who dare to utter words that challenge their orthodoxy.
They may only have once choice, going back to flogging the cause of
Global Cooling or wait until the cycle begins again, hoping no one will
remember this hysteria, time will only tell.


Originally published on the NOQ Report


Author: Torcer

Differential equations teaches us that one can use the initial conditions of the present to extrapolate events in the near term balanced with the knowledge of the past. The interaction of technological advances and the march of history is fascinating. History can inform those willing to listen as to what will happen in the future because the laws of human natural are as immutable as the elegant equations of Newtonian physics.

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