The liberty grabber Left has nuked its own argument over guns, part II

The Left has gone full confiscator in the debate over Liberty, this is how we should respond to their demands from now on.

In the past the enemies of Liberty on the Left have tried the incremental approach to the deprivation of fundamental human and civil rights. In their zeal to produce a groundswell, they have made it clear that they reject the freedom of self-defense as well as other vestiges of the founding documents. This has been documented here and a number of other places to the point they can no longer deny this fact.

The Left has changed the argument to a contention between Liberty and tyranny.

While they tried to pretend that gun confiscation wasn’t their real goal, the evidence for that is quite clear from their writings. Their frustration at the lack of ‘progress’ in the diminution of Liberty caused them to become more vitriolic in the process. Curiously enough, what was alleged to be the ‘right’ side of history has been shown to be wrong with other nations reversing the course away from tyranny and towards Liberty.

Their writings and commentary over the years has made it quite clear that they have but one goal: Gun confiscation. With all of their energy and activism prioritising the attainment of that goal. The body of evidence shows that any compromises or ‘common sense’ steps are mere stepping-stones to their endgame. The recent comment by Eric ‘Nukem’ Swalwell epitomises the mindset of the Left, that we are to give up our freedom or suffer the consequences.

Compromises met with still more demands.

In the past, we of the Pro-Liberty Right have compromised in trying to resolve the issue, only to be met with still more demands in their incremental assault on Liberty. Any attempts at ‘bipartisanship’ are subsequently ignored to the point that the Left will Lie about the very existence of these compromises, as in the example of the National Instant Criminal Background Check System, or ‘NICS’ system. This is being done for the sole purpose of imposing even more draconian controls on freedom.

The openly stated goal of the Left of total gun confiscation means a major change in the debate over the subject. It will no longer be one on the efficacy of incremental compromise steps, but in the context of the demand for gun confiscation made by the Left in and of themselves over the past few years.

The debate over Liberty in the context of the Left’s demand for Gun confiscation.

Terminology – ‘Control’ changed to ‘Reform’.

The Left loves to play games with words, blithely using them to deceive and outright lie. Their exploitation of the word ‘Liberal’ is a prime example of their outright deceit in this realm. The debate over the fundamental human right of self-defense is no exception. In the past the Liberty grabber Left used the term ‘Gun Control’ until it was noticed that it was more of an issue of control than of inanimate objects.

Then the Left hit on the idea of labeling most, if not all of their control schemes as ‘reform’. Neglecting that the word has it’s origins in sense of restoration or

‘bring back to the original condition’ from the word in Latin ‘reformare, from re- ‘back’ + formare ‘to form, shape’

But ‘reform’ sounds so much nicer than control, until one considers the tyrannical stick that accompanies this ‘reform’ ranges from a SWAT team with small ‘flash bang’ grenades to megaton sized ‘flash bang’ nuclear weapons as threatened by the likes of Representative Swalwell.

Leftists demands for ‘gun reform’ or ‘common sense’ control of our Liberty should be met with the reminders of their ultimate demands. And that there won’t be any more moves towards gun confiscation no matter what they call it.

Demands to ‘Do something, anything!’ after every serious crisis.

The context here will be in terms of the Left’s stated goal of Gun confiscation. The Left used to abjectly deny that the innocent were being punished, but with confiscation being the goal that is clearly the case.

Punishing 120 Million innocent people for the actions of a few criminals will be rejected in the context that they have done nothing wrong. That it will be manifestly unfair to take out the Left’s emotional angst on the innocent.

The massive injustice of collectively punishing millions of innocent people should be rejected outright, no matter the emotional impetus.

Defensive Gun Uses [DGU’s] and deterrence.

Within the context of gun confiscation, the Left’s agenda on the subject means that innocent people will be left vulnerable to criminals and the government tyranny. While Leftist gun grab would supposedly save Approximately 36,000 per year people from the spectre of death from ‘gun violence’ the numbers show that far more people [500,000 and 3 million per year] are protected by guns.Far more women would be raped or killed for not having the equalising factor of a means of self-defence.

Worse still, the deterrence effect would be gone after confiscation since criminals would know the innocent cannot be armed. Converting the entire country into a disastrous ‘gun-free’ zone where only the criminals and government would be armed.

It should be obvious that disarming the innocent doesn’t protect the innocent. Now that the Left’s plans have been laid bare, they should now be the ones culpable for endangering everyone with their Utopian fantasies of ‘gun-free’ zones.

Intergalactic Background Checks and Registration.

Again, this will now be in the context of the Left’s stated goal of Gun confiscation. Both of those steps are useless for any other purpose. Intergalactic Background Checks would see unlawful government over private property. While registration would set the precedent that one needs permission from the government to have the means to hold the government in check.

Intergalactic [or universal, enhanced or ‘common sense’] Background Checks and Registration are worthless expenditures of effort aside from being precursor’s confiscation. At this point in time it would be ludicrous to trust them with any more compromises or the yielding of Liberty to them.

Out with the old, in with the Nukes.

In many ways, Mr. Swalwell and the rest of the gun confiscation gang have done us all a great favour. While they have openly revealed their intention for their own cynical purposes, these revelations have changed the debate.

From now on the context will be in terms of gun confiscation.

  • The Left can no longer claim they want to protect women.
  • The Left can no longer claim they want to protect the innocent.
  • The Left can no longer claim they want ‘common sense’ solutions or ‘reform’.
  • The Left can no longer claim they want to protect Liberty and the Constitution.

The Takeaway

The Left went full confiscator, never realising that one should never go full confiscator. They have openly admitted what has been obvious. They changed the debate with the mistaken belief that it would create a groundswell of people wanting to give up their freedom, in exchange for not being vaporised.

Instead of a ground swell, they have destroyed their own argument. But in actuality it was going to be a dead end for them anyway. At some point they would have been forced to admit the obvious, that the end goal has to be confiscation. Eric ‘NuKem’ Swalwell just put a mushroom cloud exclamation point on the admission of that point.

Originally published on the NOQ Report

Author: Torcer

Differential equations teaches us that one can use the initial conditions of the present to extrapolate events in the near term balanced with the knowledge of the past. The interaction of technological advances and the march of history is fascinating. History can inform those willing to listen as to what will happen in the future because the laws of human natural are as immutable as the elegant equations of Newtonian physics.

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