Happy Birthday, Karl Marx. You Were WRONG!

While the NYT sings a love song to Leftist oppression theology, the victims of Communism foundation teaches it’s true nature as a new form of slavery.

Uncannily enough, one can always spot a piece of Leftist propaganda from a kilometre away – especially if It’s featured in the New York Times. In this case it was a piece on everyone’s favourite historical figure, if they just happened to favour those who have brought about the mass murder of millions: Karl Marx.

The headline in question: “Happy Birthday, Karl Marx. You Were Right!”. Was on the upcoming birthday of a man who fostered a base, immoral, parasitic ideology has been rightly labelled as organised evil. In the tech world, those who have a particular affinity for certain products or companies are labelled by the colloquial term “Fan Boy”. These are people with an unshakeable faith in certain matters such as the belief that the immoral ideology fostered by Mr. Marx can somehow work someday.

Curiously enough, there are those who seem to have a very myopic mindset, steeped in a particular time period. Admittedly, it can happen to the best of us, for who hasn’t proffered a witticism that falls flat on its face that was better suited for another era that one may happen to be studying at the moment? In this case the author has a bit of a ‘what could have been’ mindset trying to extract a few nuggets of truth from the humanitarian disaster that is Marxism along with the rest of collectivist ideologies. Perhaps the only way one could reconcile this is to set oneself in this mindset of the past, ignoring the results of all the horrific experiments in the collectivist ideologies.

The author even tried to resurrect one of history’s greatest ‘bait and switch’ deceptions, the ‘classless and stateless society’ that was supposedly to manifest itself at some future point by some miraculous process.

The idea of the classless and stateless society would
come to define both Marx’s and Engels’s idea of communism, and of course
the subsequent and troubled history of the Communist “states”
(ironically enough!) that materialized during the 20th century. There is
still a great deal to be learned from their disasters, but their
philosophical relevance remains doubtful, to say the least.

Also note that he blithely dismisses these disasters as though they were natural, one time occurrences instead of being endemic to the basic function of these oppressive regimes.
On the occasion of Victims of Communism Day otherwise known as Mayday, the organisation published this video: Socialism Is Slavery


The point being that the fundamental design flaw of Socialism is that regardless of motivation or intent, it’s quest for equality has always RESULTED IN SLAVERY.

Meanwhile, Marion Smith of the Victims of Communism Memorial Foundation in Washington, D.C. emphasised this point in an op-ed that originally appeared in the New Hampshire Union Leader Marion Smith: On May 1, remember that Socialism is slavery

Far from ushering in a more equitable society, socialist movements that subscribed to Marxist ideology engendered a new form of slavery in the modern world.

Marxist ideology is still being used to hold more than a billion people captive around the globe. China, where Xi Jinping just proclaimed the Communist Manifesto’s continued relevance, continues to use a system of Laogai, or forced labor camps, and dictates where the working class can live and work based on a “social credit” system. Venezuela’s socialist regime seized the means of production. Venezuela’s military runs the grocery stores while Nicolas Maduro denies humanitarian food aid to his political opponents. The average Venezuelan has lost more than 20 pounds in the last year.

Millennial Americans who rightly take offense at the greed and inhumanity sometimes exhibited by global corporations must remember that workers’ rights have not improved thanks to international socialism. Workers are only truly empowered in a free society because employers and employees are able to negotiate with each other equally under the law. In a socialist system where the regime owns the means of production, the owner, manager, employer party apparatchik is the law. Workers who would demand better treatment face repression, imprisonment, or worse.

One final note that emphasises that Marx was wrong – Dead Wrong.

As is typical of the Socialist-Left, duplicity is always its watch word. This ranged from Marx’s “classless and stateless society” scam to the story that Rich Venezuelan Socialists Live the High Life In Florida.  But then again, when there are masters, there are sure to be slaves. In this modern form of slavery the masters are the elite of the Socialist-Left.  While the great unwashed – those the elite supposedly care about – serve them.

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Video: You’re Not A Liberal!

A Truth Revolt Original from Bill Whittle that succinctly explains why Leftists aren’t Liberal.

 Published on Oct 10, 2014

The 4:20 minute mark in the 6 minute video has its most important point:

The founding fathers were the True Liberals because they believed in Liberty – with both words having the same origins.

They believed in individual Liberty, private property,
limited government and the common sense civil rights of free-speech and
armed self-defence.
They believed in the freedom to be left alone.

The point of the video is that the collectivists of the nation’s Socialist-Left do not meet the definition of the word Liberal. They
believe in collective rights, Collective ownership of property,
unlimited government, limitations on speech and gun confiscation.

Those of that mindset (Leftists) are not Liberal by any stretch of the imagination.


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PragerU: As the Rich Get Richer, the Poor Get Richer

The rich are getting richer, and the poor are… also getting richer.
What’s driving this wealth creation process? In this video, Daniel
Hannan explains why it is capitalism — and capitalism alone — that has
led to the unprecedented enrichment that is the central fact of Western

As the Rich Get Richer, the Poor Get Richer

Published: Apr 9, 2018

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Leftists Demanding Gun Confiscation – The short List updated to March 2018

An abbreviated list* of the times the national Socialist left talked about taking everyone’s firearms.

In order to execute the necessary steps to confiscate guns, the Left must first take control of private property with Intergalactic Background Checks [Universal, Enhanced, etc.] But they need to Lie about their ultimate goal so that the people will accept this drastic intrusion into their personal lives.

The Left needs this control over private property to get the data for their final solution to the gun problem. This is the critical step for them and the reason they obsess over ‘Background Checks’.
The difficulty for the Left is that they need this stepping stone to
gun confiscation while denying it’s a stepping stone to gun

This is an abbreviated list shows they are openly lying when they
deny their intentions, it also shows they have developed some clever
euphemisms for the taking everyone’s firearms.

March 2018

Paste Magazine: Repeal the Second Amendment, Idiots

New York Times – John Paul Stevens: Repeal the Second Amendment

Vox: What no politician wants to admit about gun control “taking a huge number of guns away from a huge number of gun owners”
NAACP President OPINION: Gun Safety Is about Freedom [Australian style gun confiscation – making gun owners an offer they can’t refuse ]

Feb 2018

Democrat and Chronicle: Let’s repeal the Second Amendment
New York Times -To Repeat: Repeal the Second Amendment

November 2017

Splinter news: BAN GUNS
Redhawks Online: Guns must go

October 2017

Dan Pfeiffer: What to Bring to the Gun Fight [national gun registry, Tracking and limiting purchases of ammunition and a national gun buyback program]

Washington Post Editorial Board : “President Trump, end this ‘American carnage.’”[Australian-Style Gun Ban]

June 2016

December 2015

November 2015

October 2015

 Originally published on the NOQ Report

June 2015

January 2015

Tallahassee Democrat: Stop the insanity: Ban guns

June 2014

May 2014

December 2012

Washington Post, Eugene Robinson: First, Get Rid of the Guns

April 2007

      Salon: Repeal the Second Amendment
*Abbreviated because a full listing would be far too long and
it’s extremely difficult to track down all of these demands by the many
varied euphemisms for Gun Confiscation.


Socialism is for suckers: Venezuela


Since socialists are unwilling or unable to look at what their
philosophy does to people, Firewall host Bill Whittle shows us what it
is doing to the animals, and asks how the richest
person in Venezuela just happens to be the daughter of the socialist
former President of that starving country.

H/T: Bill Whittle.com

Then there is what the Socialist Regime of Nicolas Maduro is doing to the people:

It’s not What You Know, it’s What You’ve Documented

The 85-page report, “Crackdown on Dissent: Brutality, Torture, and Political Persecution in Venezuela,”
documents 88 cases involving at least 314 people, many of whom
described being subjected to serious human rights violations in Caracas
and 13 states between April and September 2017. Security force personnel
beat detainees severely and tortured them with electric shocks,
asphyxiation, sexual assault, and other brutal techniques. Security
forces also used disproportionate force and carried out violent abuses
against people in the streets, and arbitrarily arrested and prosecuted
government opponents. While it was not the first crackdown on dissent
under Maduro, the scope and severity of the repression in 2017 reached
levels unseen in Venezuela in recent memory.

H/T:  Caracas chronicles

The Venezuelan secret police: Socialism can only be implemented & maintained by FORCE.

The ugly truth of socialism is that it has to be implemented at the
point of a gun. But this brutal reality is hardly amenable to recruit
new acolytes, so the socialist-left does what it does best – it lies and
abjectly denies the truth of its base ideology. One of its favorite
techniques for this involves pretending that collectivist regimes of
past and present weren’t or aren’t actually collectivist.

Curiously enough, the Socialist-Left will initially praise said
regimes and then suddenly change their tune when they inevitably fail to
work as promised. Then they will either feign ignorance or perpetuate
the astonishing lie that said regimes are really ‘capitalist’. One moment in time it will be “Why should the Soviets have all the fun remaking the world?”  and talk of the inevitability of socialism, then it will be ‘That wasn’t really Socialism’ or any one of the over 30 synonyms for the same ideological concept.

The problem for the Socialist-Left is that the same common elemental
crimes always appear no matter the current collectivist label de jour happens to be. This is exemplified by the following quote:

In certain basic respects – a totalitarian state
structure, a single party, a leader, a secret police, a hatred of
political, cultural and intellectual freedom – fascism and communism are
clearly more like each other than they are like anything in between.

Arthur M. Schlesinger Jr., Associate Professor of History at Harvard New York Times Magazine, Sunday, April 4, 1948

Despite assiduous efforts of the socialist-left in trying to re-write
history, it should be clear that no matter the smoke and mirrors, collectivist regimes are or were collectivist in nature.
People have begun to notice that there have been so many cases of
socialism being tried ending with inevitable failure that the excuses
are no longer operable. These have become so pervasive down the
centuries, that one of the socialist-left’s alternative methods
is to attempt distraction with claims that non-collectivist nations are
actually collectivist,
but that is a discussion for another day.

With socialism being contrary to human nature, it’s grandiose
promises can never be fulfilled. Thus a collectivist regime must have
multilayered means to oppress the people when this becomes obvious.

Such is the case with Chavismo in the wondrous revolutionary
spirit of Venezuela, a place where the emergency generators have to be
operated so much out of the normal procedure that they too are failing with many resultant deaths.  Seems like people tend to get a bit angry when they have to queue up for a meal only fit for a dog or eat garbage.

Then as is the case with every other collectivist regime, there have
to be police forces of many different configurations to watch, arrest,
torture and execute those that want to democratically change things. The
USSR had the Cheka or KGB, Nazi Germany had the Gestapo, the GDR had
the Stasi and in the case of Socialist Venezuela they have the SEBIN:

SEBIN enforcers fundamental to Maduro’s toolkit of repression

Tyrannical regimes generally employ repressive domestic intelligence
directorates to keep the opposition at bay. In Venezuela, the Bolivarian
National Intelligence Service (Servicio Bolivariano de Inteligencia Nacional — SEBIN), under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Popular Power for the Interior, Justice and Peace, is President Nicolás Maduro’s preferred tool of repression.


At El Helicoide, SEBIN’s headquarters, there are hundreds of political
prisoners held without medical treatment or access to visitations. Its
cells are the sites of cruel treatment, torture, corruption, poor
ventilation, overpopulation and lack of food and water. The SEBIN does
not need a warrant to hold people at El Helicoide; it has the authority
to keep people there even if a judge rules against it. Hence, arrests
without warrants and prosecutions of peaceful activists, flouting
Venezuela’s constitution, is a habit.


Former CIA operations officer Scott Uehlinger blames socialism for
Venezuela’s critical situation. The political environment indicates that
the nation is on the brink of a barbaric civil war. Based on the human
rights abuses perpetrated by the SEBIN, if the political disagreements
escalate between the government and the opposition, the Western world
could see one of the bloodiest civil wars of our time.

These are the enforcers of the revolution who torture people with asphyxiation and electric drills and force dissidents to eat excrement, but the Socialist-Left will try to tell you that Venezuela is supposedly ‘capitalist’.What
they don’t tell you is those representative republics with the economic
liberty of the free-market do not need these common criminal elements
to survive.


Originally published on the NOQ Report

The silver lining to the censorship of the socialist left

The purpose here is not to rehash some of the great articles from Don McCullen, Irina Tsukerman and Ray Fava
presented on here on the state of the Conservative cause, but to point
out some the hidden positive aspects of moves to censorship by the
nation’s Socialist-Left. While the country is in dire straits to the
point of recent events being reminiscent of the events leading up to the
civil war in the states, there are some aspects as mentioned that we
should consider in a positive light.

1. Censorship by the Socialist-Left indicates we have the better ideas.

‘Leftists wants Conservatives to be quiet and Conservatives want Leftists to keep talking.’

Often times, this is the sentiment expressed by the Conservative-Right on the issue of censorship. In general terms the Conservative-Right is imbued in the precepts of individual rights and limited government, and the Socialist-Left in the precepts of collective rights and unlimited government. This means that
Socialist-Left places a priority on controlling all aspects of one’s
daily existence, while those on the Conservative-Right eschew this

This mindset carries over to the issue of the marketplace of ideas as
expressed above. To be blunt about it, we on the Conservative-Right can
afford to have a free discussion of ideas because ours are superior,
while the Socialist-Left cannot because their ideas suck.

Even they admit it to be the case in their literature:

When you can help it, don’t say conservative. As the
polls above demonstrate, conservative is no insult. The word and the
concept are both quite popular. This is because, while conservative
policies are awful, Americans overwhelmingly support stereotyped
conservative principles—small government, low taxes, free markets,
strong defense, traditional families. It is very clever framing. Who
favors a bigger government than we need? Who wants to pay more taxes?
Who can oppose freedom, an effective military, or families?

So when one has inferior ideas as is the Socialist-Left, there are
only two choices: Change those ideas or suppress the other side. They
certainly can’t change their horrid ideas to that of freedom and liberty
– that would make them Conservative and truly liberal [We’ll talk about that next..] So their only choice is to censor our ideas in competition with theirs since ours will always come out on top.

2. Censorship by the Socialist-Left means they cannot possibly lay claim to being Liberal or ‘Progressive’.

Consider one aspect of the how the Oxford English dictionary defines the word Liberal:

1Willing to respect or accept behaviour or opinions different from one’s own; open to new ideas:

1.1Favourable to or respectful of individual rights and freedoms

1.2(In a political context) favouring individual liberty, free trade, and moderate political and social reform

That hardly sound like folks that are running around suppressing
speech now does it? Keep in mind that deception is a key aspect of the
Left’s Socialist national agenda, and this begins with how the label
themselves. The Socialist-Left’s obsession with shutting down debate is clearly averse to that label. As is their other deceptive label ‘Progressive’ given their ancient ideas and adherence to aspects of the past such as the present topic of censorship.

Mind you, many a Conservatives blithely interchanges the words Leftist and Liberal without a contrary thought. This means we on the Conservative-Right need to enforce some discipline in our discourse to win, but that is an issue for another day.

3. Censorship by the Socialist-Left also indicates they are the true fascists.

Yes, when the Socialist-Left plays their little label games, this is
one of their favourite exploits. It’s either out of ignorance that they
show the same characteristics that they project on others or a
deliberate deception on their part. The fact is fascism is a phenomena
of the Left, but true to form they incessantly muddy the waters with
such schemes. Actions speak louder than words, and nothing speaks at a
higher volume than having the same tactics and characteristics of those
whose main priority was to suppress competing thoughts and agendas.

4. Their censorship proclivities is a good (rhetorical) weapon to use against them.

There are certain disciplines of the martial arts that teach that
it’s always a good idea to use an opponent’s advantage against them.
Leftists excel in the hurling of childish insults on social media, it is
one of the primary reasons it is considered to be a sewer. This is the
heckler’s veto in spades, the purpose of which is to drive the Liberty
minded of the Conservative-Right away from such places so the nation’s
Socialist-Left ‘wins’ by default. An easy way to take this advantage
away from them is to ignore such childish tactics aside from pointing
out that it shows their lack of intellectual capabilities. That
illustrates this while disabling one of their weapon of choice. It also
gives them no place to go since one can hardly climb up from the gutter
and try an intellectual argument from then on.

It should go without saying that the nation’s Socialist-Left
has an immense advantage in dominating the culture, media and Government
indoctrination system
(Public schools). Reminding
people of this fact have several effects. One, it tears at the heart of
the Socialist-Left’s fairness and equality arguments. Ask them if it’s
fair that they dominate in these areas and stand back for a flood of
self rationalization. They preach ‘diversity’ and ‘fairness’
but only for certain groups and areas of life. The bottom line is that
this exposes their rank duplicity on their part, they call for a level
playing field, but for them this means an overwhelming advantage on
their part.

They can perhaps mount the ‘objective’ journalist argument,
but as of late, this is a laughable assertion and one only need to cite a
recent example of the extreme bias in the Media.
It also demolishes the Socialist-Left’s contention of incessantly being
the ‘victim’ – the Cry Bully theorem. They can hardly complain of being
disadvantaged when they hold all the cards.

5. And most importantly: Censorship by the Socialist-Left means they are on the losing side.

Nothing says losing more than screaming louder to stop everyone else
from speaking. We on the Conservative-Right have no qualms over a fair
debate on a level playing field. The comparisons of the various
political philosophies will always see our emerge victorious because our
ideas are superior.  Consider that we have no need to make excuses for the past or present circumstances of the free-market.

Contrast this with the Socialist-Left and the steady decline of their
base ideology. They were at the top of their game during the heyday of
the Soviet Union, where outbreaks of liberty in Eastern Europe were
crushed under the tracks of T-55’s along with many a freedom fighter.
It’s all been downhill from there, supposedly there is an ‘inevitability to Socialism’, but that myth died when the Berlin wall came crashing down.

The 500-year-old ideas of collectivism are dying out
to the benefit to free-people everywhere, and the weakness of this
ideology is becoming clear to everyone. To quote ‘Data’ a character in
the Star Trek, the Next Generation: “Do you consider your position so weak that it cannot withstand debate?”

Such is the case with today’s Socialist-Left, trying to hang on for
dear life censoring competing ideas that put it to shame. It’s actions
are against liberty and Liberalism for that matter put the lie to one
the Socialist-Left’s favorite false labels.

Originally published on the NOQ Report