Stossel: Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving! But before you eat that turkey, thank private property! Without it, Thanksgiving would be “Starvation Day.” Here’s why…


Did you know that the pilgrims almost starved after they arrived at Plymouth Rock? That’s because they were forced to farm “collectively.” The corporation that funded the expedition said, “grow food together. Divide the harvest equally.”

This is a terrible idea. It creates what economists call the “tragedy of the commons.” When you share property and the results of your work, people farm until the land is barren, don’t work as hard, or steal food from others.

John Stossel gathers young people from Students For Liberty and runs an experiment to demonstrate this “tragedy of the commons.” It shows the solution is private property, which is what saved the pilgrims.

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Reference Excerpt: “But that wasn’t REAL socialism!” (Part 1: the USSR)

One of the Left’s perennial favourites in denying the history of their ideology is the use of that or a similar variation of that phrase to attempt to absolve themselves of the centuries of failure that is their immoral and parasitic base ideology. These articles prove this isn’t the case.

This is an excerpt of part I of an article that eviscerates this falsehood.

Socialism is a lot like the bad guy in a low-budget horror movie, who, especially towards the end of the movie, just stubbornly refuses to die. He gets shot, he gets stabbed, he gets thrown out of a window, he gets run over by a car – but every time you think he could not possibly have survived this, he gets up again. And is as lethal as ever.

Socialism is like that. It used to be a common assumption that the history of socialism essentially ended with the fall of the Berlin Wall, that no political idea could possibly survive such a crushing defeat. Far from it: in 1998, Venezuela elected a socialist president, giving socialism yet another try, and Western intellectuals went crazy about it. Now that experiment is collapsing, too. One final We-told-you-so-you-fools, you would think. Again: far from it.

The problem for the left is that they tend to discover that Failed Socialist societies weren’t really Socialist after the fact with some linguistic legerdemain of the highest order. The author of the piece cited some particular examples of the Left’s fondness for a particular system before failure:

In the 1930s, the Soviet Union went through a period of rapid industrialisation, and rose to the status of a global superpower. Even critics of socialism conceded that the Soviet Union was becoming a force to be reckoned with.

During the ‘30s, the USSR was widely admired by Western intellectuals. Hundreds of academics, journalists, artists etc travelled there and came back full of enthusiasm, convinced that they had seen the future. For example, Joseph Freeman, an American writer, said after his pilgrimage:

“[F]or the first time I saw the greatest of human dreams assuming the shape of reality. Men, women and children were uniting their efforts into a gigantic stream of energy directed toward […] creating what was healthy and good for all”.

These glowing comments extended to the happiness the political prisoners  in the Gulags:


Some of the pilgrims even waxed lyrical about the Gulags and Soviet prisons. Mary Callcott Stevenson, an American author, said that the inmates she saw were

“…talking and laughing as they worked, evidently enjoying themselves. This was the first glimpse of the informal atmosphere that prevailed throughout […] It was difficult to believe that this was indeed a prison”.

This is, of course, a selection of quotes. Not all Stalin admirers were quite so starry-eyed. Others did acknowledge some of the regime’s atrocities, but argued that, on balance, it was a price worth paying. But the point remains that the Soviet Union was widely admired by Western intellectuals throughout the 1930s and beyond. The idea that Soviet socialism was not ‘real’ socialism is a post-hoc fabrication. In Stalin’s days, nobody would have made such a claim.

[Our emphasis]

And of course it was only after it was readily apparent that the Soyuz Sovetskikh Sotsialisticheskikh Respublik was dysfunctional in the extreme that it suddenly stopped being Socialist, imagine that…

Excerpt: The Pen that Toppled an Empire: Solzhenitsyn and The Gulag Archipelago

There are millions of reasons why the immoral and parasitic ideology of socialism needs to be eradicated from the list of viable governmental and economic systems, in this instance we look at the work of one man in toppling the evil empire of the ‘Soyuz Sovetskikh Sotsialisticheskikh Respublik’.

The blog of the victims of recently posted and article.  The Pen that Toppled an Empire: Solzhenitsyn and The Gulag Archipelago.

We will attempt to do it justice with some excerpts on the main points of the piece.

Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn was one of the giants in opposing the evil that is socialism and like many he was initially taken in by it’s grandiose and flowery promises of equality in a “Worker’s Paradise”. Like many he realized that these promises were a chimera. He spent years in the system of oppression that is all too endemic to Socialism and he was able to bring retribution to the regime that perpetuated these and monstrous crimes by bringing it down. It’s is our contention that this could be considered to be the beginning of the end of the very idea of Socialism.

The article details his journey from being an enthusiastic adherent of this new and wondrous system to his realisation of the brutal truths of it’s organized evil. Solzhenitsyn learned during his time in the camps that it was Vladimir Lenin that began the state security apparatus the Cheka.

Solzhenitsyn abandoned his youthful idealism the hard way. While serving as an artillery officer in World War II, he was arrested, convicted, and sent to the Gulag (the Soviet forced labor camps) for criticizing Joseph Stalin. It was only in the camps that he realized that nothing had worked out as Marx predicted. In conversations with fellow prisoners, he learned that Lenin had initiated a ruthless security state, suppressing any opposition to Bolshevik rule. After Lenin’s death, the paranoid and sadistic Stalin gained power and began an effort to remake human beings in the communist mold. Property was confiscated, businesses nationalized, churches closed, farmers forcibly relocated to agricultural communes, and so-called “class enemies,” people from the upper or middle classes, whose only crime was being born into the wrong family, sent to the Gulag. It impossible to estimate how many people were executed by Stalin, but we know that working conditions in the camps were so poor that tens of millions died of starvation, disease, and exhaustion.

The article points out the problems of Marx’s bait and switch scheme whereby the all powerful state is supposed to ‘wither away’ by some unspecified and miraculous means. The author concludes that the lack of limitation on the government because of this provision was part of the problem. However, this is a situation all too common in history, as the quote from Lord Acton made clear: “Power corrupts; absolute power corrupts absolutely”.

The nation’s Socialist Left is all too repetitive in issuing the same excuses for the systemic failures of it’s base ideology. One of these is to assert that the state becoming authoritarian is somehow contrary to the teachings of Marx, that the ideal is a stateless society with cooperation being the watchword. History has shown this never takes place and that this miraculous transformation is all but just one of the frauds perpetrated by the Left in these instances. The excuse “That wasn’t real Socialism” or some variation thereof ignores human nature and how the same circumstances will always end in the same results.

One of the fundamental problems of Socialism is that it runs contrary to the basic precepts of human nature. The psychological principle of operant conditioning informs us that punishing a behaviour tends to diminish the repetition of that behaviour. While rewarding a behaviour tends to encourage that behaviour. Taking someone’s hard earned money tends to discourage them from working, handing them other people’s money also tends to discourage them from exerting themselves.

Socialism cannot abide this ‘imperfection’ in human nature and thus must try the impossible and perfect that which cannot be perfected. The article points out this as the fundamental crime of Socialism.

The Gulag reveals that the monstrous evil of the Soviet Union was not caused by the misapplication of Marx’s ideals, by Stalin’s pathology, or by Russian nationalism. The world’s most heinous tyranny was not an apparition or a deviation from Marxist ideals, Solzhenitsyn demonstrates; it was, rather, the inevitable consequence of expecting perfection from imperfect human beings. Wherever communism has existed or will exist, there will be victims.

This one of the primary reasons the immoral, parasitic organized evil that is socialism must be banished from the realm of viable governmental and economic systems. It is an ideology built upon the use of force and fraud that has never worked and can never work and has resulted in the deliberate mass murder of millions of people and the oppression of untold billions more.

Normalizing the Fascist Left

Sometimes the Nation’s Socialist media let’s the mask slip and in other cases, it drops it to the floor. We are witness to the latter instance here. Instead of properly condemning violent extremist groups of any stripe, the NSM has begun whitewashing the reputation of the Fascist ‘Antifa’, as well as doing the same for the immoral and parasitic collectivist ideologies.

The ‘newspaper of record’ just published an opinion piece entitled: Who’s Afraid of Antifa?

Antifa is the backlash to the backlash, a defensive response to the growing presence of right-wing extremism.

But that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t worry. Because antifa groups are willing to use force when needed, provoking them can trigger a self-fulfilling prophecy.
Who are the antifa, then? They do not advocate a positive doctrine, racial or otherwise. Some supporters consider themselves (as Mr. Trump accurately said) anarchists, some Marxists of different stripes; others don’t care much what you call them. There is no national antifa organization; most organized groups are local, concentrated in Texas and the Northwest. There’s not even a consensus among adherents as to whether to pronounce the term AN-tee-fah or an-TEE-fah.

Now, is it that advisable to have a major newspaper profiling and justifying the actions of violent groups such as this? The ‘News paper or record’ is not alone in this regard, others of the NSM such as CNN have made the absurd claim that it’s goals are “peace through violence.”

Bear in mind that these are groups who are opening chanting “No Trump, no wall, no USA at all!”

Question: When have major Conservative newspaper and media outlets profiled and praised groups that fashion themselves after the National Socialist German Worker’s Party or any of affiliates thereof?

The only way to stop the Left’s cultural revolution insanity is to go after it’s base ideology.

“The spread of evil is the symptom of a vacuum. whenever evil wins, it is only by default: by the moral failure of those who evade the fact that there can be no compromise on basic principles.” Ayn Rand

It has always been a goal of the left to erase the past and replace it with their version of reality to usher in their vision of a socialist Utopia of unicorns prancing about under rainbow skies. Even now they are letting the mask slip even further with attacks against the constitution and the founding fathers.

These attacks against fixed locations not only serve to erase history, but force the right into defending that which we fought against in the first go around.

Just to set the record straight, the Republican party’s original raison d’état had been the abolition of slavery. It was the Democratic party that favoured appeasement and later on revived the KKK. The left would like to call anyone who opposes their little revolution with the epithet Nazi, ignoring the historical fact that they were a National Socialist Worker’s party and Leftists like them. These facts should be known by those with the least bit familiar with history.

It should be obvious that the current strategy of trying to stop their erasure of history has not been effective. The nation’s Socialist left garners too much of an advantage for them to halt their efforts, and they will always have new targets for their cultural revolution. Merely trying to stop them will not work, and any victories they attain only fuels their efforts, neither will trying to embarrass them in their Orwellian actions.

They are very much like an army of ideological terminators, they can’t be bargained with, they can’t be reasoned with and they will not stop… ever

Army tactical doctrine has it that the best defense is a counter attack against the enemy’s most Assailable Flank. It should be clear that when a static defense is not working, one must go after the enemy’s weakest flank. In the case of the nation’s Socialist left, this would be their immoral and parasitic collectivist base ideology.

An article recently published outlined the long term goals of a socialist party being the elimination of economic liberty in the free market. So why not have a have a discussion about the elimination of the Left’s economic slavery with Socialism?

Is there any reason it should even be considered a valid form of government any more? It’s been a disastrous failure everywhere it’s ever been tried. It’s resulted in the deliberate mass murder of millions of innocents, why should rational people consider it’s failure ever again?

The nation’s left would like to keep the focus on the past, so why not indulge them in their efforts? If it’s a discussion of the history they want, let’s bring it on. We can start by talking about the deliberate mass murder by acolytes of their base ideology.

They want to talk about symbols and statues, fine we can debate them on that front as well. Let’s start with their idolization of a mass murderer Che Guevara.

More than likely they will parrot the tired old lines that “Socialism has yet to be tried” or that “Socialist regimes weren’t really Socialist.” Let them explain all the facts of history to everyone listening, it should be a fascinating discussion.

Or perhaps they will deny being Socialists, in which case they should have no objection to it’s eradication.

If people are given a choice between economic liberty of the free market or the economic slavery of socialism we can be very confident in the outcome. The odds are the nation’s socialist left won’t want to take up the challenge of this debate, for they cannot abide a frank discussion of their base ideology. And perhaps they may go back to their echo chamber and leave everyone else alone. We can only hope.


It was never just about flags and statues, but the tearing down of the nation’s founding itself.

Anyone familiar with the vestiges of cultural Marxism and critical theory should have seen this coming from a mile away. It was only a matter of time before the nation’s Socialist left went after the Confederate battle flag and various sundry statuary that may or may not have associated with the US Civil war. At present, their cultural revolution is growing beyond that point already with their rapacious fervour now directed at the founding fathers. Most assuredly their success in erasing history will turn to attacking the very documents authored by those founding fathers.

Mob rule is akin to a brush fire raging out of control, feeding on itself and creating it’s own weather patterns. Social media only further inflames this tendency with a mob in one locale being inspired by another somewhere else. Governmental bodies trying to proactively keep the conflagration at bay only serves to encourage the rabble to set it’s sights on new targets

Mobs are generally opportunistic in nature when seeking new fuel for it’s rapacious needs to grow and expand. As predicted, this insanity didn’t stop at the mere removal of a few flags and Civil war statuary. Cultural Marxism is the guiding principle in all of this madness. For once they garner some success at the easy targets in the public square, they will soon go after that which has forestalled their authoritarian bent.

One can only implement a Marxist system of total government control and collective rights with the destruction of the old system of limited government and the protection of individual rights. This can only be accomplished with the discrediting the documents that have restrained the government and enshrined the civil rights of the individual. What better way to have a society rhetorically throw away the old than to attack the very individuals that penned and installed it’s founding principles?

We are told the founding fathers were flawed individuals, and thus we’re supposed to ignore their genius in setting up the greatest nation the world has ever seen. The plain fact is that everyone is flawed in some way, but that has no bearing on what they did. They rose above their faults and created a system that has worked for over 200 years and is still going strong. But there are those who wish to rule over their fellow man, and they would prefer to see this swept away and they feel that any means to do so justifies their ends.