Socialism is for suckers: Venezuela


Since socialists are unwilling or unable to look at what their
philosophy does to people, Firewall host Bill Whittle shows us what it
is doing to the animals, and asks how the richest
person in Venezuela just happens to be the daughter of the socialist
former President of that starving country.

H/T: Bill

Then there is what the Socialist Regime of Nicolas Maduro is doing to the people:

It’s not What You Know, it’s What You’ve Documented

The 85-page report, “Crackdown on Dissent: Brutality, Torture, and Political Persecution in Venezuela,”
documents 88 cases involving at least 314 people, many of whom
described being subjected to serious human rights violations in Caracas
and 13 states between April and September 2017. Security force personnel
beat detainees severely and tortured them with electric shocks,
asphyxiation, sexual assault, and other brutal techniques. Security
forces also used disproportionate force and carried out violent abuses
against people in the streets, and arbitrarily arrested and prosecuted
government opponents. While it was not the first crackdown on dissent
under Maduro, the scope and severity of the repression in 2017 reached
levels unseen in Venezuela in recent memory.

H/T:  Caracas chronicles


The Top 5 Reasons Socialism Isn’t Cool

Back on Martin Luther King day the ever so ‘Objective’ CNN put out a
piece of propaganda that is sadly typical of the Socialist-left these
days containing the spurious assertion that MLK “was a socialist before
it was cool”

The first part of that assertion is quite dubious considering these quotations from his writings:

“In communism the individual ends up in subjection to the state.” Martin Luther King, Jr.

“This deprecation of individual freedom was objectionable to me. I am
convinced now, as I was then, that man is an end because he is a child
of God. Man is not made for the state; the state is made for man. To
deprive man of freedom is to relegate him to the status of a thing,
rather than elevate him to the status of a person. Man must never be
treated as a means to the end of the state, but always as an end within
himself.”  – Martin Luther King, Jr.

However, we shall address the second part of that assertion, similarly to the “5 Reasons Why Che’s Not Cool”  posted on the Dissident.

First of all, we see the typical self serving arrogance of the
national Socialist Left in presuming that their base ideology is somehow
‘cool’. Being that it was established on ancient ideas and the ‘first socialist position’
of the book Utopia published in 1516, these tired old collectivist
ideas could hardly be considered ‘cool’ by any stretch of the
imagination. Except perhaps by those attempting to sell it to a new
generation who neglect to mention its back story of oppression and mass

1. The collectivist ideology’s are generally fostered by a system of lies and falsehoods.

Socialists tend to unfairly equate it’s lofty (and never realised)
theoretical ideals with the practical reality of the free-market.
However, that deception only scratches the surface in how they try to
sell their base ideology. The free-market system of economic liberty is
founded upon voluntary interactions, while the collectivist ideologies
are set on strict control of the economy and the compulsory property
redistribution. This collectivist reality hides behind flowery language
of ‘equality’ and ‘fairness’ and has to be concealed whenever possible along with the darker aspects of Leftist ideology.

2. 500 year old ideas are hardly considered to be ‘cool’

As previously mentioned, the collectivist ideology’s are based upon
ideas that harken back over 500 years. While the Socialist-Left loves to
perpetrate the falsehood that it’s ideas are fresh and new and
therefore ‘cool’, this is hardly the case. While many historians
postulate that these ideas can be sourced in ancient times, they were
most certainly expressed over 500 years ago in the book ‘Utopia’ [a word coined for the title of the book that literally means ‘no place’]
This was a time centuries before the modern era when slavery was still
in acceptance, would CNN also consider that to be ‘cool’ as well?

3. Collectivist ideologies are immoral.

Ben Shapiro has made this point many times over in his trenchant
evisceration’s of these ideologies. In essence, the socialist’s ‘moral’
position is that ‘I exist, therefore you owe me a living’. In
the addled mindset of the collectivist this type of ‘logic’ falls right
in line with their absurd notions of ‘fairness’ and ‘equality’. The fact
is that living beings since the dawn of time have had to provide for
themselves. Every living thing from bacteria to brontosaurs have had to
‘work’ to survive and yet the collectivists want to turn this basic fact
of life on it’s head and absurdly blame it on the free-market.

They try to use this to justify the morally bankrupt practice of
stealing from those who provide for themselves and buy votes from those
who do not. As is typical of the moral inversions of the Socialist-Left,
wealth redistribution is considered to be acceptable while keeping
one’s hard earned property is somehow ‘theft’. Witness the hyperbolic
statements used by the Socialist-Left to describe tax-cuts

4. The parasitic nature of the Collectivist ideologies eviscerates any pretence of their being ‘state of the art’ or new.

Socialism is far from being ‘cool’ in that it parasitically
takes from the free-market. Those parts of popular culture that are
‘cool’ are taken to be cutting edge, state of the art and new. Being
over 500 years old destroys part of this contention. Socialism’s
inherently parasitic nature is also at odds with those qualities in that
it has to use that which was produced by the free-market. To paraphrase
Margaret Thatcher, the problem with socialism is that eventually you run out of other people’s money.

Most, if not all technologies developed by these collectivist systems
are copies of that which was created under the auspices of the economic
liberty of the free-market. During the ‘Great Patriotic war’ [WWII] The
‘Soyuz Sovetskikh Sotsialisticheskikh Respublik’ couldn’t
manage to build a decent 4 engine bomber, so they copied the genius of
many a Boeing engineer in the B-29 Superfortress down to minuscule

5. Mass murder and oppression on an Industrial scale.

It should go without saying that the force that has to be utilised in
the implementation of the collectivist ideologies could hardly be
consider to be ‘cool’. Have these approbation’s ever been applied to the
‘final solution’ or the Gulag Archipelago?

Collectivist ideologies are based upon a theoretical world of perfect beings. The ‘first socialist position’
had a Utopia where everyone worked as they were supposed to do while
they only took that which they needed from the storehouses. The real
world doesn’t work that way, but the Socialist-Left has the misguided
idea that their theoretical model of a perfect collectivist society is
possible – and just around the next corner. The problem with an ideology
based on perfect human behaviour is that one has to quickly penalise
those who don’t get with the program to the point of getting rid of them
permanently, to the tune of over 100 Million dead. But that doesn’t
quite fit into the glossy brochures handed out to potential supporters,
and once again we harken back to reason number one and the ‘that wasn’t
real socialism’ excuse.

The Takeaway

It’s not surprising that those of the nation’s Socialist-Left tend to self-servingly label their base ideology as ‘cool’
since it’s reality is much darker. It can only survive by deception and
distraction from it’s true nature, that should be the first criteria
for it’s rejection. If one has to incessantly lie about the true nature
of their ideology, they are doing it wrong – this includes the tiresome
‘that wasn’t really collectivism excuse’ so often heard. Any ideology
that is based on mass murder on an industrial scale should be roundly
rejected as a viable governmental model, no matter how many times it’s
proponents label it as ‘cool’.

Originally published on the NOQ Report


Socialism, ‘socio-economic rights’ and Net Neutrality

Given the Socialist-Left’s proclivity for control and deception, it’s
is not surprising that they tend to disguise these tendencies behind
deceptive labels [e.g. Affordable Care Act]. The term ‘Net Neutrality’
is no exception, with it’s labeling making it sound like a wonderful
idea, while in practice it has the opposite effect, as it with most of
the Left’s socialist national agenda.

The Socialist-Left also tends to overly complicate issues to muddy the waters, such as when an MSNBC host became angry as a ‘Net Neutrality’ opponent obliterated his Leftist narratives. [Courtesy of The Right Scoop]. There have been many an article explaining the issue here, here, here and here.  As well as FCC chairman Ajit Pai detailed the issue on Fox and Friends the other day:


FCC chairman Ajit Pai provided a perfect rebuttal to the net
neutrality hysteria running rampant from the nation’s Left. He detailed
the restoration of the ‘Light-Touch’ approach to the internet that has seen it flourish for 20 years. He also explained that the free-market approach is the best way to ensure innovation and cheaper prices for all.

Rather than trying to delve into the technical nuances of ‘Net
Neutrality’ let us take a look at another case of government
interference in the marketplace. This hails from the socialist
‘paradise’ of Venezuela as detailed in The Caracas Chronicles where the “Bureau for the Defense of Socio-Economic Rights (Sundde)” escorted by rifle toting Guardia, force business owners to sell their goods at prices determined by the Socialist government of Nicolás Maduro.

As in the case of ‘Net Neutrality’ there are those who
applaud such efforts without any consideration of property rights of
others or the long-term implications to their Liberty and society in
general. They gain the short-term advantage of free or cheap goods and
services without considering that this heavy-handed government
interference will suppress the free market. The businesses affected will
either cut back on investment in their businesses or close altogether. This
is all part of the pernicious nature of socialism, where there will
always be those who somehow think they can get something for nothing
based on the flawed logic that the world owes them a living just because
they exist.
Those who salivate at the prospect of free stuff have a tendency to forget about the long-term consequences of their actions.

In the case of ‘Net Neutrality’ regulation of private
business discourages innovation and advantages the bigger players in the
field causing higher prices and fewer choices.

The Bane of Shopkeepers | Caracas Chronicles
On Saturday, December 2, for the fourth year in a row, the Bureau for the
Defense of Socio Economic Rights (Sundde) went on an “inspection” of private businesses. They began in Plaza Venezuela, the Sabana Grande boulevard and, by Monday, they were close to Chacaíto. Escorted by the National Guard (GNB) and the National Police (PNB), they forced shopkeepers to sell their entire merchandise at a 50% discount. People made lines almost immediately outside stores selling shoes,
underwear, trousers, shirts, purses and even food. In less than seven hours, shops were emptied out.

It’s a lethal stab to many shopkeepers, since sales already dropped by 40% right in December, a period that usually has an important cash flow. The reason: exorbitant prices. A pair of sports shoes costs Bs. 800,000 ($7.7, at the current black market rate), far more than the average employee can pay, with the current minimum wage plus food stampsat Bs. 456,507 ($4.42).

The GNB officers stood guard in the shops as if products were food for refugees fleeing a war. With rifles close to their chest, they controlled the crowds and diffused the constant clashes among customers.

Shopkeepers in el Centro are expecting Sundde to drop by at any minute on their nearly empty shops, while employees face an ominous prospect for 2018. The operation in Sabana Grande is common practice for the regime now: they regulate prices, destroying production and restricting free market.

Photo: José Díaz, Caracas chronicles

Originally published on the NOQ Report

Video: What Caused Venezuela’s Tragic Collapse? Socialism.

Venezuela has the world’s largest proven oil reserves, and it was once Latin America’s richest country. Today, most grocery store shelves are empty, and Venezuelans are so hungry that they’re killing zoo animals for sustenance. Toilet paper, diapers, and toothpaste are luxury goods. Venezuelan hospitals have disintegrated, children are dying because they can’t get antibiotics, and the infant mortality rate is higher than Syria. The capital city of Caracas is the murder capital of the world, and just 12 percent of citizens feel safe walking alone at night, which is the lowest figure reported in the world.

The government blames slumping oil prices for the desperate situation. The real cause is the socialist economy.

The real lesson of Venezuela’s tragic collapse is that real socialism always leads to economic breakdown and political repression. Those of us in wealthier, freer countries need to keep Venezuela in mind as we confront calls for more regulation and government control of all aspects of our own lives.

Produced by Todd Krainin. Written by Nick Gillespie. Camera by Jim Epstein.

H/T Reason TV

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Don’t look now, but the Socialist left is letting the mask slip a wee bit too much.

It’s an article of faith of the national socialist left that they speak for ‘the people’ in their struggle against oppression and greed. But when it comes to defending authoritarian socialist regimes the people are on their own.

Leftist dogma has it that they and they alone speak for ‘the people’ in the struggle against freedom and the private sector advancing society. They also are the authority on how much one is to keep of their earnings. After all, their taking of someone other people’s money is perfectly acceptable on their moral compass, but one keeping it is ‘greedy’.

But when it comes to defending their collective faith in Socialist ideals dogma goes by the wayside. Case in point this urgent announcement: Emergency Days of Action to STOP U.S. INTERVENTION IN VENEZUELA

“Make no mistake; what has been happening for the last two months in Venezuela is a counterrevolution by the most reactionary forces of the opposition to President Nicolás Maduro’s government.”

“The corporate media – the voice of the Pentagon and White House – has set up an international campaign of blatant lies that try to present the terrorist actions of the fascist hoards [sic] as repression from the Revolutionary Government”

This is from the ‘International Action Center’ an organization of Marxists desperately trying to hold onto the failed concepts of their archaic ideology.

Apparently they take little issue with the GNB and PNB shooting protestors in the streets, and the arrests and oppression of thousands. Or that the people are having to eat garbage and dying in hospital under the tender mercies of “MaduroCare”.
And they take little notice that the regime is actively going after those who would report on the carnage on the streets.   They have little concern over the mounting death toll of 68 days of protests against Socialist oppression. In point of fact, they hardly mention these events and instead made up their own narrative to explain what is taking place.

No, they are more concerned about maintaining the crumbling facade that is the immoral and archaic evil that is socialism no matter the cost in human lives.

Those having to live this horror have their own commentary about the ‘help’ offered to their oppressors in the Caracas Chronicles: The Jurassic Left Doubles down on Maduro

Millenarian “Leftists” aren’t interested in the least in the real Venezuela or in the wishes of its real people. They only want to protect their “vanguard” in power so they can keep alive the illusion that “Socialism” is the future; that the “Revolution” is inevitable and that some idealized abstraction of “The People” — which has absolutely nothing in common with the actual people you meet if you actually go to Venezuela — will win in the end.

What’s at stake here isn’t what happens to Venezuelans. What matters to them is the integrity of their doctrinal system, of its symbols and shibboleths. Preserving this, looking out for its integrity matters to these guys. Whether Venezuelans eat or starve? They couldn’t care less.

Consider that the national socialist left is taking a major risk here showing their blood soaked cards in defending their Marxist faith. They are siding with an oppressive regime against those who they purport to champion. They are clearly more concerned about the fate of their archaic ideology that what really happens to the people under the hobnailed boot of Maduro.