PragerU: How’s Socialism Doing in Venezuela?

Venezuela is falling apart. Its economy? Ruined. Its people? Hungry. Its government? Corrupt. What happened? In a word, socialism. Debbie D’Souza, a native Venezuelan and political activist, explains.
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Video: What Caused Venezuela’s Tragic Collapse? Socialism.

Venezuela has the world’s largest proven oil reserves, and it was once Latin America’s richest country. Today, most grocery store shelves are empty, and Venezuelans are so hungry that they’re killing zoo animals for sustenance. Toilet paper, diapers, and toothpaste are luxury goods. Venezuelan hospitals have disintegrated, children are dying because they can’t get antibiotics, and the infant mortality rate is higher than Syria. The capital city of Caracas is the murder capital of the world, and just 12 percent of citizens feel safe walking alone at night, which is the lowest figure reported in the world.

The government blames slumping oil prices for the desperate situation. The real cause is the socialist economy.

The real lesson of Venezuela’s tragic collapse is that real socialism always leads to economic breakdown and political repression. Those of us in wealthier, freer countries need to keep Venezuela in mind as we confront calls for more regulation and government control of all aspects of our own lives.

Produced by Todd Krainin. Written by Nick Gillespie. Camera by Jim Epstein.

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Don’t look now, but the Socialist left is letting the mask slip a wee bit too much.

It’s an article of faith of the national socialist left that they speak for ‘the people’ in their struggle against oppression and greed. But when it comes to defending authoritarian socialist regimes the people are on their own.

Leftist dogma has it that they and they alone speak for ‘the people’ in the struggle against freedom and the private sector advancing society. They also are the authority on how much one is to keep of their earnings. After all, their taking of someone other people’s money is perfectly acceptable on their moral compass, but one keeping it is ‘greedy’.

But when it comes to defending their collective faith in Socialist ideals dogma goes by the wayside. Case in point this urgent announcement: Emergency Days of Action to STOP U.S. INTERVENTION IN VENEZUELA

“Make no mistake; what has been happening for the last two months in Venezuela is a counterrevolution by the most reactionary forces of the opposition to President Nicolás Maduro’s government.”

“The corporate media – the voice of the Pentagon and White House – has set up an international campaign of blatant lies that try to present the terrorist actions of the fascist hoards [sic] as repression from the Revolutionary Government”

This is from the ‘International Action Center’ an organization of Marxists desperately trying to hold onto the failed concepts of their archaic ideology.

Apparently they take little issue with the GNB and PNB shooting protestors in the streets, and the arrests and oppression of thousands. Or that the people are having to eat garbage and dying in hospital under the tender mercies of “MaduroCare”.
And they take little notice that the regime is actively going after those who would report on the carnage on the streets.   They have little concern over the mounting death toll of 68 days of protests against Socialist oppression. In point of fact, they hardly mention these events and instead made up their own narrative to explain what is taking place.

No, they are more concerned about maintaining the crumbling facade that is the immoral and archaic evil that is socialism no matter the cost in human lives.

Those having to live this horror have their own commentary about the ‘help’ offered to their oppressors in the Caracas Chronicles: The Jurassic Left Doubles down on Maduro

Millenarian “Leftists” aren’t interested in the least in the real Venezuela or in the wishes of its real people. They only want to protect their “vanguard” in power so they can keep alive the illusion that “Socialism” is the future; that the “Revolution” is inevitable and that some idealized abstraction of “The People” — which has absolutely nothing in common with the actual people you meet if you actually go to Venezuela — will win in the end.

What’s at stake here isn’t what happens to Venezuelans. What matters to them is the integrity of their doctrinal system, of its symbols and shibboleths. Preserving this, looking out for its integrity matters to these guys. Whether Venezuelans eat or starve? They couldn’t care less.

Consider that the national socialist left is taking a major risk here showing their blood soaked cards in defending their Marxist faith. They are siding with an oppressive regime against those who they purport to champion. They are clearly more concerned about the fate of their archaic ideology that what really happens to the people under the hobnailed boot of Maduro.

Video: Marxism, Socialism, and Bernie Sanders (Brandon Turner Pt. 2)

Brandon Turner (Political Theory Professor) joins Dave Rubin to discuss Alexis De Tocqueville, Karl Marx, Bernie Sanders, Socialism and more.

This is part of our collaboration with Learn Liberty featuring interviews with classical liberals. Check out Learn Liberty on YouTube:

The Rubin Report is fan funded:

The portion of the interview starting at approximately 9 min is of particular interest dealing with the mythology of socialist nations not being socialist:

From the YouTube transcription:

Brandon Turner: if you look at Venezuela you look at Chavez you look at things like that I mean that’s what socialism looks like.

Dave Rubin: I always see people saying that you can’t look at Venezuela because it doesn’t give you the right example of socialism. The socialists will say that it didn’t work out the way they wanted it to.

Brandon Turner: Yeah I don’t know I mean the 20th century is a pretty long advert.

Brandon Turner: I think a lot of libertarian 20 century libertarian thought offers good arguments as to why socialism will always look like that so in other words this wasn’t an accident. This is how it’s always going to play out and here are reasons for that so if you look at Mises, if you look at Hayek they make that case and those are really good resources.


Fascist Left Follies 2017-05-04

“A lie told often enough becomes the truth.” Vladimir Lenin

” If you tell a big enough lie and tell it frequently enough, it will be believed.” Adolf Hitler

Two items from the news to be considered:

From Right Wing News: Communist Speaker To Coach Berkley How To Drive Trump Supporters From Campus

A flier being distributed to promote the event attempts to make her communism more attractive by invoking the name of Bob Avakian, UC Berkeley grad and chairman of the Revolutionary Communist Party.

Following in the footsteps of Vladimir Lenin and Adolf Hitler, these folks have the mistaken belief repeating a lie will make it the truth. But repetition alone cannot disguise the fact that it is they who acting in the role that they project on others.

They also are using the same tactics as the Socialist regime of Nicholas Maduro to impose their vile ideology by force.

From the PanAm Post: Why Venezuela’s Dictatorship Is About To End

Violence, on the other hand, is the strategy of those who are starting to lose power. It’s a tool used by the dictatorship to maintain what it has already lost. But that’s just the point: they already lost it.

Today we are seeing a dictatorship in its worst form: unprecedented violence from a fascist and criminal regime that has tried to repress its people.

We must understand that those who give the orders today have nothing to lose. It’s completely natural for them to react brutally, because they feel increasingly threatened. The fact that repression is worsening only shows that we are moving in the right direction.

The more violent, criminal and fascist the dictatorship becomes, the closer we are to victory. The beast-like display of repression and crimes are evidence of the final stage of a dying project.

The toys of Socialist Oppression

Anyone viewing the horror of the typical oppression borne of a Socialist regime may have noticed some of the kit utilised by the Maduro regime. The Caracas chronicles gives us a run down on the major pieces:

Military-style gear is one thing the regime’s never scrimped on. The trend started by Hugo Chávez in 2005 renewed Venezuela’s military gear, supposedly to prepare for battle against the countless imaginary enemies chavismo created through the years. But really, we always knew who the real target was, because it stared back at us from the mirror each morning.

Even as the economic crisis hit hard, forcing the Maduro government to reduce its military expenses —by more than 90% compared to the Chávez years, according to some NGOs, — they continued the “Eternal Commander’s” tradition. That’s why, in a country where food and medicines are nowhere to be seen, there’s a squad of armored personnel carriers (APCs), fully equipped with tear gas canisters and rubber pellets, waiting for every march and protest to reach them.

Armored Vehicles: APC’s (a.k.a., “Tanquetas”)

Its official designation is the VN-4 armored vehicle, manufactured in China by the Chinese Defense Company, NORINCO. Unlike most people tend to think, they are quite modern and versatile, able to carry two drivers and up to eight soldiers inside, reaching up to 115 km/h and being able to go for about 700 km. without refueling.

VN-4s can do a lot of damage. The original, warfare-oriented units have a central turret that is usually armed with a 7,5 mm. heavy machine gun. The units deployed in Venezuelan protests, however, have been modified for riot-control purposes with the machine gun being replaced for a more “friendly” tear-gas launcher. The little white beasts can also be equipped with several Bond-like gadgets, including an infrared night-vision system and a central tire inflation system that prevents them from being disabled by a flat tire. These perks, however, are optional, and we doubt if Baduel sprung extra for those.


The ABV-1, better known as el murciélago (“the bat”) is a really peculiar vehicle. It was named after bats because of their two “wings” —a pair of about 3-meter tall barriers that can be deployed laterally from both sides of the truck, creating a cover for officers behind them and solidly blocking people from going beyond a certain point.

In Caracas, they have been used to literally divide the city in half.

Remember Freddy Guevara’s already famous video in which he lent his parliamentary immunity to an almost-captured protester by hugging him while some GNBs tried to separate them? It all happened right in front of a couple of these things.


Water cannon trucks, or “whales,” are one of the most storied machines of riot control. Unlike the “bat,” they’ve been around since the 1930s, widely used around the world. They became infamous during the American Civil Rights Movement in the 60s. They are no less new in Venezuela; police forces have been using them for quite a long time, even before chavismo’s rise to power. Their usage, however, has been dramatically reduced lately in most parts of the world, mainly because under certain circumstances, they may cause death or severe trauma.

Venezuela bought 10 of these things a few years ago from —who else?— China. The model is NORINCO’s WTC-1 and most units are also currently deployed in Caracas. Now, 10 water cannon trucks might not seem like much of a threat, but countries like the UK have only six of them and strict limitations restrict their use. As with most of the Government’s deals, the price of these trucks is unknown, but similar versions might cost as much as 1 million USD in Europe.