Early Morning News tweets

New report: A border wall easily pays for itself with its own effectiveness https://www.conservativereview.com/commentary/2017/02/border-wall-easily-pays-for-itself-with-its-own-effectiveness


Entertainers Lambast #Trump’s Press Conference, Prep for ‘Doomsday’ via @theUnitedStites http://www.newsbusters.org/blogs/culture/sarah-stites/2017/02/16/entertainers-lambast-trumps-press-conference-prep-doomsday


ATF: 1.3 Million Silencers in U.S. Rarely Used in Crimes http://freebeacon.com/issues/atf-despite-nearly-1-3-million-silencers-united-states-rarely-used-crimes/




Video – What We Believe, Part 1: Small Government and Free Enterprise.

Since we are at the very beginning of the blogging process, it might be best to post a few videos that reference our underlying philosophy. The following is the first of Bill Whittle’s excellent videos from a few years ago that sets forth these principles:

What We Believe, Part 1: Small Government and Free Enterprise.

Early Morning News tweets

The Left is collapsing everywhere

Democrat Chuck Schumer: Illegals are ‘Innocent’ and ‘Law-Abiding’ https://goo.gl/ckqYdE via @thepolitistick

University scientists claim left-wing violence is caused by global warming… “the planet made them do it”

Fake News — CNN’s Marc Lamont Hill: Conservatives Start Violent Campus Riots, Too http://www.weaselzippers.us/325253-fake-news-cnns-marc-lamont-hill-conservatives-start-violent-campus-riots-too/ via @weaselzippers

Shocker: Media Already Linking Oroville Dam Disaster To Global Warming… http://www.weaselzippers.us/325163-shocker-media-already-linking-oroville-dam-disaster-to-global-warming/ via @weaselzippers

Now that we’ve Initiated things we can experiment with a few headline posts

Slate Has a Problem With Powerful Women http://freebeacon.com/culture/slate-problem-powerful-women/

Colorado Teachers Don’t Just Teach, They Pack Heat https://bearingarms.com/pamela-j/2017/02/08/colorado-teachers-pack-heat/ via @BearingArmsCom

Good News…and Bad: Colorado Legislature Reviews 5 Pro-Gun Bills https://bearingarms.com/erika-h/2017/02/08/5-pro-gun-bills-in-the-colorado-legislature/ via @BearingArmsCom