Video: Make Mine Freedom (1948) – A warning of the economic slavery of the ‘Isms’

The first of the 4 Stages of Socialist* Failure is of course promises of freebies to be taken from others. This video from 1948 points that out, and that one must give up their freedom to get ‘other people’s money’.
It also uses the term ‘Ism’ to describe these ideologies, so one could surmise that back after the second world war, they didn’t bother to try and separate the various collectivist ‘miracle cures’.

H/T AnimationStation.

The 4 Stages of Socialist* Failure
1. Socialists* promise free stuff.
2. Socialists* gain control based on these promises.
3. Socialists* use force and falsehoods when these promises cannot be fulfilled.
4. When it inevitably fails, Socialists* parrot the ‘it wasn’t really Socialism** lie’ and start over with promises for free stuff with a new name.

*[or a synonym of thereof] Bolshevists, Castroists, Chavistas, Communists, Collectivists, Democratic Socialists, Fabianists, Fascists, Leftists, Leninists, Maoists, Marxists, Marxist-Leninists, National Socialists, Progressives, Project X advocates, Rule of the proletariat advocates, Social justice warriors, Stalinists, Statists, State ownership advocates, Totalitarianists, Trotskyists, Utopian Socialists, etc. etc.

** Or one of the multitude of synonyms for essentially the same concept.

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